Osama is dead; Obama wins the re-election, amirite?
@AppAwesome What did Obama do wrong? Is it his fault or someone elses?

His economic policies are not going to make the YS prosperous. He is stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Why does everyone use Africa as an example when they're talking about wasting food and poverty and stuff, I mean, there are so many countries and other people hurting too, amirite?
I remember when Chris Brown was a prick who beats women. I remember it vividly because it’s actually right now. amirite?

Except rihanna is a masochistic who quite literally probably asked for it.

I pushed a hipster down the stairs. Who's Tumbling now mofo? Amirite?
The feeling you get when you finish a book is a mix of awe, because it was so good, and longing, because you didn't want it to end, amirite?
Why do rich people call their servants the 'help'? Doesn't 'help' imply that you would be doing some work and they would be assisting you not just doing everything for you? amirite?

The would be considered the 'help' because rich people are out working for their hard-earned money and need somebody to HELP them in their daily lives by cleaning their house.

Snuggies prove how lazy Americans are, amirite?

No, it proves were inventive.

Kingdom hearts is an amazing concept. But it's also sad at the same time because chances are one or more members of Organization 13 was starting to grow on you and then they all die. amirite?

I love Kingdom Hearts. Haha, I just got finished playing when I saw this post.

Chick-fil-a's styrofoam cups are much better than McDonald's cups because you can actually hold the cup without your hand freezing off/getting soaked from condensation, amirite?

Too bad the food sucks.

Osama is dead; Obama wins the re-election, amirite?
most guys tend to leave once they get the girl pregnant. amirite?

Not all guys are like that. And sometimes, just sometimes, people actually try for a baby.

A lot of countries have the colors red or blue in their flag, namely: USA, Czech Republic, France, Uruguay, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Columbia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Jordan, Cambodia, North Korea, Kenya, Liberia, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mexico, morocco, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Peru, Romania, russia, UK, Turkey, Tonga, Vietnam and much more. You skimmed that list...... amirite?
Constantly thinking about having to swallow while trying to sleep is just the worst, amirite?
@MissAwesomeness Same here!!!

Same here. Oh my gosh!!! Ugh.

Girls: you hate when you look perfect on the weekends but there's no one else around to see you, amirite?

Guys think this too... Haha.

most guys tend to leave once they get the girl pregnant. amirite?
@princessashley true.. very true.

So if you agree with me, then why did you post that?