About me.

Hello there :3
My name is Momo and I'm currently 15 years old. I live with my dad and little sister. My mom and dad are separated and I don't see my mom anymore.
I'm a freshman in high school and I'm really excited to go for my permit this summer.
I'm dating a great guy right now. His name is Louie, he's 18 years old (19 in about 12 days) and I'm nuts for him and him for me. He's going to college next year and I'm bummed about that but next year his parents will also be more ok with us being together. My dad already is :3
I love to draw, sing, dance and listen to music. I'd write if I was good at it but I'm not xD
My favorite people are my dad, my Louie, my friends and a few famous people the the Queen Victoria and King George the VI. After learning a bit about those two, I found I really liked them and their history. The hardships and how they overcame them... It's wonderful.
I also like Lady Gaga. At first, I found her songs overplayed and annoying. After hearing her talk about how she was teased and pushed down by all those around her and how Lady Gaga was how she protected herself... creating an alter ego... I love her. I lover her story and I love her triumph. I also listen to less popular songs by her and hope they stay that way.
Oh, by the way... I'm engaged. :3 No need for other men right now. Got my cuddle cupcake. He's kinda my everything
Welp, that's me! :3