We never thank construction workers for their service, despite the fact that they dedicate large portions of their lives to making and maintaining buildings that are absolutely vital in our daily lives. amirite?
@pinkfishtaco While I have great respect for people who serve in the armed forces, I don't see why this doesnt apply to the...

Because people are under the misconception that soldiers are fighting for their country's freedom, or some other noble cause. Many are unaware that wars are largely about money.

If you stood on the north or south pole and ran in circles you're technically time traveling, amirite?

Or if you travel from one country to another.

Ringer ringer roses is about the Black Plague, amirite?
We've probably seen & interacted with countless ghosts throughout our lives but don't know it because they weren't the stereotypical, "scary, demon look alike." They appeared & acted like any other human. amirite?
@Dairyqueenemployee That's understandable. I've actually seen ghosts before. When I was younger, I'd always see a man in white behind...

Yeah, I mean it's not as if I don't want them to exist. I actually think it would be awesome if they did, just it's kind of a difficult thing to trust without having experienced it yourself.

also EA... dunno why gamers hate us...

Did you get there by going through a door?
Or did they call it a gate?
Because that's the difference tbh

99% of the hands you have shaken have been used for masturbation, amirite?

The feelings mutual

People who wear watches are more social and safe on the road because they don't bring out their phones with the excuse of watching the time and spend half an hour scrolling stuff... amirite?

You'd like to think that, wouldn't ya ?

Maybe all the natural disasters happening recently is the immune system of the Earth trying to fight back against a disease. amirite?

There's a movie (or 10) about this

We got animals that cal spit acid, punch shockwaves, and even channel electricity but none the breath fire, amirite?
We got animals that cal spit acid, punch shockwaves, and even channel electricity but none the breath fire, amirite?
It's technically good for your health if you die because diseases can't infect you and if they do it won't affect you, amirite?

"This one little trick will save you a fortune in medical costs, sponsored by bic"

Every cop wants to chase Leonardo DiCaprio, amirite?

Well he's a US Marshal though!

The internet is an eternal journal, and we are chapter one, amirite?

Ehhh more like chapter 3

There's probably a super small but super profitable market for army movie props like tanks and machine guns, amirite?

They just rent (either the real thing or the ability to make a prop version) from the Pentagon/Department of Defense
Also goes through extreme and rigorous checks to not make the military not look bad