About me.

Uh hello, I'm not a monkey's eye. It's just my awesome profile picture. I like lots of stuff so I'll tell you what I don't like.

1. Justin Bieber
2. Twilight
3. Bad food
4. Bad food service
5. Gas station bathrooms
6. Waking up before 10:15 AM in the summer
7. Crazy Jonas Twieber fans... what the !@#$ am I saying.
7.5 What I meant to say was crazy Twilight fans, crazy Justin Bieber fans, and crazy Jonas Brothers fans.

If you just read those things you now know 8 things I don't like. Good for you.

P.S If you message me I will usually get back to you within a day.

P.P.S If you must know I live in Washington state, not to be confused with Washington D.C

Oh also I like to say random stuff (on amirite and real life) when the conversation needs a twist.

Also my zombie plan is to somehow receive an M-16 and some form of shotgun and hide out in the jungles of Madagascar or on Easter Island because everyone knows, zombies can't swim.

See that was the twist there.

I really don't mind people messaging me so feel free to whenever you like.