About me.

The CAKE is a LIE.

I listen to indie and classic rock. I love The Format.
I live in an Air Force town with a bunch of Hibachi and Chinese restaurants.
My favorite color is orange, unless it's for a survey. Then I always say yellow.
I am OCD about some things.
I know my username is mooie22 but my picture is a dinosaur.
I play softball, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. I made the eighth grade soccer team for goalie but I didn't try out. In eighth grade, I had to play on the baseball team because we didn't have a softball team.
I love balloons.
As I am typing this, I am sitting in a room filled with 74 balloons. What a Happy Place
My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I quote it all the time and I know 97% of the lines.
I love Scrubs (the tv series).
My ringtone is the theme to Firefly because it is also a great show about cowboy pirates in space.
It's 1:23 PM.