You hate it when you have this AMAZING dream and when you wake up, you forget it. amirite?
@How would you know it was awesome if you forgot it?

everyone remembers if they have an awesome dream...

wii bowling is sooo much easier than real-life bowling. amirite?
@Meandmycat I might be the only one, but I think it's so much harder. Press B then A, but keep holding B, it's so confusing...

all you have to do on wii is press B and swing your remote..
and do you really get better scores in real life than the wii..

You loved the movie 'Hachiko: A dog story', and you almost cried at the end, amirite?

haven't seen it..

Day before your birthday: holy crapp i'm so excited my birthday's tomorrow!! Day after: dangg it, my birthday's not for another year..amirite?
you wish you had "shower in a can" like spongebob, amirite?
this website is very enjoyable(: amirite?

whoever said "no way,"
if this website isn't enjoyable then why are you on it?

why is there an r in mrs.? wouldn't it be pronounced mursses? amirite?
@Idling_Rocket_Ship Because its the abbreviation for mistress :) lol but i agree.

really haha i didn't know that! but mrs. just looks right haha

you wonder how jelly belly gets their flavors, like who figured out what boogers or vomit tastes like, amirite?
@fuckoffwhore anyone who ever had a child hood and ever threw up

right, and so they just decided to taste barf cuz it totally looked yummy..

WOOHOO now they have purple as a theme for amirite. amirite?

look at you being all smart

WOOHOO now they have purple as a theme for amirite. amirite?

can u say anything more stupider

Scented candles smell good, amirite?
Scented candles smell good, amirite?


Scented candles smell good, amirite?


Blue should be a main flavor for Skittles, amirite?

alright, blue raspberry :)

pop rocks are fabulous, amirite?

haha that's cool! :)