a three-eyed monkey proclaiming "Hi, I'm Paul" really brings back memories of when you enjoyed waking up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons, amirite?

I feel like this post would baffle future generations.

I went to a restaurant the other day and I noticed that my waitress had a black eye. I made sure I spoke loud and clear when ordering my food because she obviously had trouble listening, amirite?

Heh. I chuckled. ;)

if you are making out with a boy then he wants you to touch his Penis. amirite?

I feel like this was posted by some 11 year old.

Harry Potter is overrated. Amirite?

I don't even read Harry Potter and I've only seen parts of a few of the movies, but I don't think it's overrated. I can tell it really does mean a lot to those who read it. It is magical, and that's from an outsider's point of view.

How to spot an unoriginal skank on facebook: she has Marilyn Monroe quotes in her status, overly edited pictures where at least one of them has text that says "to all my haterz", statuses about living it up, she comments on every cute guys status as soon as he posts it up, and is "married" to her best friend, amirite?

It's crazy how accurate this is.

THEIR going to the mall over THEY'RE with THERE friends. Amirite?

That is possibly one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. If you were trying to be funny, it really didn't work.

Love this post to pieces.

Jersey Shore: An ignorant show starring a bunch of Guido orange whores and tool bags who are nobodies pretending to be celebrities. amirite?
@I am from New Jersey and nobody from New Jersey acts like the idiots on the show.

Thank you! I am too. All the shows about Jersey really make us look bad.

You'd never hit a woman with a keyboard. But you'd like to Ctrl and F1... amirite?

Ba-dum, chhh.

Why isn't it 'African-Canadian' too, amirite?

Because it's North America.

I wonder how Stacey's dad feels about all of this... amirite?
within those few milliseconds of eye contact with a stranger, two seemingly separate lives intersect. what if they have exactly the same taste in movies? what if they were friends in some past life? what if one had once voted in favor of an amirite post made by the other? what if we actually connected with all of the people we brush by with little more than a glance? what if nothing is random? ... amirite?

I love this post :)

You have some favorite shows from your childhood that no one else seems to remember, amirite?

Does anyone remember a puppet-type show with lions as the characters? Absolutely nobody I know remembers it and I can't remember the name :/

Anything can be a swear word. Chair you, you pantsing Thursday, amirite?

Yeah, well moose you, you clocking bear toe.

If everyone had rainbow pubic hair, the world would be a weird place, amirite?

You mean it's not normal for people to have rainbow pubic hair? Hmm..