The reason why there are no pay phones any longer is so they can track and spy and identify you all by the spying device in your pocket. amirite?
@Have you been to a gas station lately? They're outside, usually on the side wall

And even if they aren't it isn't so that they can spy on you, it's because it's more convenient to call from a cell phone and people use payphones less often.

Dogs only know to look at our faces because sound comes from there, amirite?

Well, they also see eyes

We never thank construction workers for their service, despite the fact that they dedicate large portions of their lives to making and maintaining buildings that are absolutely vital in our daily lives. amirite?
@More importantly, when was the last time you thanked your bus driver?

Literally every time I ride the bus. I also thank the guy who drives the shuttle from the satellite parking lot to my job.

moths come out in summer, yet the most lights are at Christmas. amirite?
Scientifically speaking, we are insanely lucky to exist... and have internet. amirite?
When a guitarist and a bassist approach and play just in front of each other, that's just musicians frotting, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut Google it

Thanks now i have to erase some history. As the OP you should define words no one actually uses so people dont have to close their app, open a browser, type and read, close that, and reopen this app.

A true leader has the ability of talking for hours without actually saying anything at all. amirite?

I read that in a book called, " Some how I manage"

Eating your stomach would only make you hungrier, amirite?
Someone probably has the same signature as you, amirite?
@FVCEGANG With a name like Emory Whaley, doubt.

I have a similarly old-timey obscure name, so same.

We all technically have a drinking problem just for most of us its water, amirite?

The real problem is if you don't have a drinking problem with water.

When an adult film start gets undressed, they are Technicaly getting dressed for work. amirite?
In the future the first humans' footsteps on moon will probably be a location of a museum or sightseeing, amirite?

Yeah they'll have a sweet statue of Neil Armstrong and a plaque of the name of the studio where the moon landing was filmed

If we had an undeniable proof that life has no meaning people wouldn't probably change anything in their life. amirite?

Even if you believe that that life was formed by random we're at least increasing entropy and slightly speeding up the heat death of the universe!

There's going to be a time when all cars are treated like antiques, amirite?

Some are, aren't there?

If 0ºC equals 32ºF, then 0ºC + 0ºC equal 64ºC, amirite?

You forgot to carry the one