Even the laziest human on earth won at least one race: the one before he was born. amirite?

That was only half of him. The other half just sat around waiting

When someone says they like music, they just confessed that they like listening to vibrating air. amirite?

Somehow you made listening to music sound like a bad thing.

Plain flavoured stuff are usually still vanilla flavoured, amirite?

This really blew my mind.

Jack can be inside or outside the box. amirite?

Charlie in the box is where it's at.

Most celebrities wouldn't be considered attractive if they were normal people. amirite?
Because dogs have dreams, they may dream regular dreams but with the people in them making random noises or being completely silenced, amirite?
@Competivepenguin2003 Because like we don't understand barks and most of them sound the same dogs don't understand our language except a...

Ever had a barking dog in a dream, even though you don't understand barking? I think you don't realize that we can only dream what we've experienced, or put another way we specifically dream things we've experienced. Similar to how we can't imagine something we've never experienced.

Fishing is the lite version of hunting. Amirite?

What about bowfishing?

You can't completely soil the toilet paper without soiling your hand, amirite?

*seasoning your hand

Somewhere in the universe there is a rock that looks just like you, like your Mt Rushmore. amirite?
People wouldn't want to come to this country if we made it more hellish, lawless, and scary than wherever they came from. am I right?

When you hate immigration so much you destroy your own country just they stay alway

The mom in the "Three Little Kittens" nursery rhyme is awful. She scolds the kittens for losing their mittens and doesn't feed them because of it. She takes no personal responsibility for entrusting them with mittens at too young an age, then takes out her anger on them by refusing to feed them. Amirite?!

It's obviously a moral story to teach children the value of fear and oppression in a parent/child relationship. Sheesh.

People who say they like pumpkin-flavored things are really saying they like the taste of nutmeg and cinnamon. amirite?

and sugar

Most deaf people will struggle to learn the art of farting silently. amirite?

The art of silent farting is not about sound, rather the tightness, pucker factor and control of the sphincter such that there's no vibration.

Holding your tongue as a kid and saying "apple" was the gateway drug to you swearing, amirite
You really become an adult when you pack your clothes for vacation the day before you have to leave, amirite!

I did that as a kid