About me.

I'm not a troll
I prefer to think of my self as a leprechaun.
Yes, as many leprechauns, I ride on rainbows.
Be so jealous that your body can't handle it and you go into convulsions.
Then go to the hospital.
Actually, get a friend to take you because you probably wouldn't be able to operate a car.
Speaking of cars, I like bananas.
I could eat like thirty of them in a day.
Let's just say I'm a potassium fanatic.
Speaking of potassium, I enjoy riding on rainbows.
And mooses.
Just call me moose-riding rainbow licker.
My favorite band is the fuzz on the radio.
I sleep in a hammock.
I step on broken glass for fun.
I also like running into walls and and skydiving without a parachute.
Sometimes I wear shoes on my head.
I drink polar bear urine.
In my free time, I put glue on my fingers and let it dry.
I occasionally rub mustard all over my body.
I like the smell of sunscreen.
I eat using my feet.
I am allergic to sunshine dust and politicians.
Once I had a naked mole rat, but it ran away.
Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you something.
I tend to forget things a lot.
It's because I was abducted by aliens a few years ago and they surgically removed my cerebrum.
I'm never going back to the woods alone again.
I'm having way too much enjoyment out of writing this.
So Ima keep goin.
Sometimes I have dessert before my dinner.
Sometimes I don't let Hot Pockets cool off the full two minutes.
Sometimes I don't read the terms of service.
Sometimes I rob stores.
Sometimes I repeat things I say twice.
Sometimes I take my golf cart for a spin round town.
Sometimes I don't rinse and repeat.
Sometimes I rob stores.
Sometimes I think of clever ways to kill people in my mind.
Sometimes I put them into action.
Sometimes they work.
Sometimes they don't.
Sometimes I get carried away.
This is one of those times.
I think I should stop now,
but I aint gonna
No one's gonna read this anyway.
I never sit on a chair when I'm on the computer.
I usually just levitate in the air.
My keyboard is made out of macaroni.
My macaroni is made out of keyboard.
My brain is made of of nails.
Talk about a headache.
OOOH! Cheesy joke.
Not as much as my macaroni.
Wow, that joke was painful,
but not as much as these dang headaches.
I bite my teeth and grind my nails.
I have a strange addiction to rubbing leafs on my thighs.
If you are reading this, I swear.
Well, actually I think I should probably be the one getting a life
as I am the one writing this bio.
You deserve a cookie.
Because I dont have any left
I ate them all
Just kidding.
I threw them off a fucking cliff.
Holy Shizz, this is way too long
Thumbs up for longest bio evaaaaa
But seriously, thumb me up hello smilie
i wtote this with my etyes cloed
whoa, pretty good for not looking, meh
LINE #75, bitch
Let's make this go to 100
23 more to go
78. I enjoy drinking maple syrup
79. I wear socks made out of bear fur
80. I live on a farm that grows real plants
81. I give my self hair cuts with a knife
82. I stab cats with markers
83. My favorite animal is a pegasus-dolphin hybrid...its called a animal
84. fuck this

My profile picture is actually the rare offspring of a chupacabra and a wombat.
If you really did want to know.
She has a really nice texture and when you caress her ears, your fingers start to tingle a bit
She could entertain you all day hello smilie
Lyrics to California Gurls In Bad Translator
"Fresh 'Naw my secret door (I), remove Existing grass geopda, Diapers, and Biel, wine, fruit juice, water, drinking news"
"Gold Coast, Calif., doing what is lost in the world, God, the skin hot, bikini, daisi precisely, ohyo, or if digestive Biscuits do not know."
We in California is beautiful, clean, clean, hard to avoid the West Coast to get their hands on the floor, OH Ahhh Ahhh, the beach is not a fan of three-dimensional case, this case snooi dog dog dog, big jumps
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