Grape flavored medicine doesn't taste like grape at all. It tastes like tears & the death of small children. amirite?


Fix a computer and it'll break tomorrow. Teach its owner to fix it and it'll break in some way you've never seen before, amirite?
@Montana tl;dr, bc idc.


ducks should say swag swag instead of quack quack because if you buy one in the morning when you are getting ready you could be like how do i look duck? and it would say swag swag, amirite?
@Vitae No one likes you, duck.

:( b-but what about all the teenage girls I've inspired?

I just realized 'amirite ?' is 'Am I Right ?' but written like that! Wow! Dam! What a glitch I found :D! amirite?

Wow. Almost all of your posts end with an exclamation point. Your excitement displeases me.

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery . Drive fast and join the scenery, amirite?

That's deep, man.

You hate it when someone texts you right before you're about to beat your high score on Temple Run. amirite?

the post above you on the homepage.

There's nothing quite like the joy of waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have a couple more hours to sleep, amirite?
@ilikefurrywolves4815 whenever that happens i want to cry

it's always really dark when I wake up, so it's usually misleading. :(

Few things are more agitating than that one person who clearly doesn't know the lyrics to a song, but chooses to somehow sing along anyway by moving their lips and making a collection of strange sounds that are, in their mind, supposed to sound like the words, amirite?

who knows? maybe I saved you from a punch in the face haha

It's mind blowing that certain animals live as long as humans or even longer. What deeper meaning than survival could something like a tortoise discover to make a 100 year existence livable, amirite?

Did anyone else think of finding nemo?

If you were rich, you would hire someone whose sole responsibility was to stand on top of stairwells and high-five you when you get to the top, amirite?

This post reminds me of the improv everywhere high five escalator thing haha

Imagine a mirror that reflected your personality. So many people would be ugly as fuck, amirite?

Well, this post is more or less directed to the people who are, in society's eyes, "attractive", but bully others. They have an ugly personality, and only those who genuinely care for others would be beautiful in this mirror. Of course, even in normal mirrors, nobody's looks are perfect- just like nobody's personality is perfect, either.

Although the funny, witty posts on amirite are amusing, controversial posts are the best. The whole point of this website was to share your opinions, not to seem like the wittiest user out there, amirite?
@Or maybe you just aren't witty enough.

At least I'm not hiding behind an anon. I post my opinions so I can hear what other people have to say.

If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?


Imagine if, when married, the couple had to combine their names to get their child's name. Poor Buck and Faye, amirite?
When your standing on a balcony you just can't help but to want to drop something from it, just to see what will happen. Amirite?

I don't know why, but I always want to throw my phone outside a moving car's open window. It's really weird.