About me.

My name is Jess. :D
I have twelve piercings. :o
Four more retired ones. :p

I like:
-Tokio Hotel.
-Black Veil Brides.
-Framing Hanley.
-Cinema Bizarre.
-Legend of the Fall.
-Vampires Everywhere!
-Modern Day Escape.
-Motionless In White.
-Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
-Tonight Alive
-Sleeping With Sirens
-Bill Kaulitz.
-Andy Six.
-Sandra Alvarenga.
-Kenneth Nixon.
-Corey Texas.
-Jeremy Bryan.
-Shawn Milke.
-Shane Crump.
-Dennis Lee.
-Adam Lambert.
-Dane Cook.
-Kellin Quinn.
-Chris Motionless.
-Beau Bokan.
-Ricky Horror.
-Black Makeup.
-Band Shirts.
-Skinny Jeans.
-Some kind of music in which genre I'm unsure of.
-Riding Horses.
-Playing Softball.
-Video Games.
-Playing drums.