Word vomit is hard to control, but not impossible. Still, once these words are out, they're out. With real vomit, you don't want to take it back. With word vomit, you can't take it back, amirite?
Happy Pi Day everyone!

I 8 some pie!

This should not have got over 500million views

and by posting it here and by clicking on it it's going to get more views

Raisin' Bran: the inspirational story of a couple trying to raise a child made out of cereal, amirite?
@I dont. Get it

Raising Bran. The child's name is Bran. Like Raising Helen. Raisin Bran is also a cereal.

It's funny how there's no synonym for synonym. Amirite?

Actually I looked this up a couple of days ago out of curiosity. Synonyms are equivalent, metonym and antonym is antonym.

In life, you should aim to be that shopping cart with the bad wheel. Go in your own direction no matter how hard someone tries to push you in theirs. Amirite?

But everyone gives up on that shopping cart. And if they don't, that just means they were able to push it in their desired direction.

It's not right to judge someone or something by one characteristic. For example, you can't say that "the sun causes sunburns, so the earth would be far better off without the sun". That's why you shouldn't judge people by one characteristic, amirite?

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein

Surprisingly, nobody called "first" at midnight on New Years. amirite?
Surprisingly, nobody called "first" at midnight on New Years. amirite?
@AndyBlacksmith At the end of 2011 when I posted this?

i posted "first" as my facebook status on jan 1 2013

Surprisingly, nobody called "first" at midnight on New Years. amirite?

I posted it as my facebook status

There's nothing more American than a McDonalds in a Walmart, amerite?

They have that in Canada too

I think Valentine's Day is just a marketing conspiracy. I think it was created so that the retail stores could generate more revenue by perpetuating the idea that you have to prove your love to someone by buying them expensive jewelry.
@B10ckH34d Actually it was created by a priest (St Valentine?) to celebrate chastity or something. Kind of the opposite of...

I always heard it as St. Valentine was a priest who would marry people in secret during times where people couldn't get married.

You've never actually met anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa.

Brain from Arthur celebrates it

People say that it's better to buy a pet from a breeder, but the pets in pet stores deserve to be adopted too.
You drink milk straight out of the carton and no one knows...Amirite?