Why do they blur out the middle finger on T.V? I don't think anyone has ever wondered "WHAT IS HE DOING WITH HIS HAND?!", amirite?

"What's he got behind there???" "Possibly a banana, he did say 'fruit you' "

The TLC show "All-American Muslim" follows around Muslim families in Michigan displaying their normalcy and tackling the issues of assimilation, interfaith marriage, and society's view of their heritage and religion. The fact that a conservative group is protesting the show because they believe it is "propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism" is infuriating, amirite?
@Shadi My family has watched that show every Sunday it has been on TLC, and they believe that this show portrays Muslims...

How do you measure how "Muslim" someone is? What units do you use? Islameters? How much more Muslim are Lebanese people compared to Palestinian people?

Costumes today aren't horrifying, they're whore-ifying.

Sometime when parents stay together just for the kids it makes it harder on the kids in the end. amirite?

my life :)

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it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?

Once upon messup a time, Jesus said "Listen, I want everyone to eat their arms or jump on Ufelia the butterfly and bumgina hotpockets and after that swan combo-breaker into the depths of rainbow road pizza a large voluptious man smurf cat jumped into had babies away. Into on GerberChickens, the vagina potato. And then everybody died. THE END.

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