I love this post. So true.

What's the difference between a northern fairytale and a southern fairytale? A northern fairytale begins "Once upon a time..." A southern fairytale begins "Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit". amirite?

this has already been posted..... like 4 times...... kinda old by now....

You've started to notice that less and less people use manners, amirite?

This is so true. I mean when was the last time you heard a cashier from any merchandise store say thank you? We're the ones putting the money into their paycheck. Its sad.

Brass instruments > wind instruments, amirite?
Brass instruments > wind instruments, amirite?

Flutes, piccolos, clarinets, tubas, trombones, alto saxes, tenor saxes, bari saxes, trumpets, drums, piano, marimba, vibes, guitar, baritone, etc. are all awesome! Don't argue over instruments. It makes me sad :(

You've had one of those dreams where you realized it was a dream, what you didn't realize until you woke up was that you could have controled your whole dream. You were to busy trying too wake yourself, amirite?

It is called a lucid dream. They're rare but totally awesome.