Vegetarian hot pockets: for those of us who don't eat meat but would still like diarrhoea, amirite?

They introduced a breakfast hot pocket. Now you can eat a hot pocket for breakfast, and I hot pocket for lunch and be dead by dinner.

They should make it so to unlock your car door, you have to hop on your left foot for 5 seconds without falling. This invention would mark the end of drunk driving, amirite?
You have never had someone give you a document and say "Sign here, here, here, NO not there, and innitial here", amirite?

Whoever loses must die... their hair pink.

Snuggle, cookie and giggle are the three cutest words in the English language, amirite?

I think sprinkles, puddle, and puffy, and fuzzy are cute words. And glitter.

Your school has certain fashion trends that other schools don't have, amirite?

For some reason, everyone at my school wears Zigtechs.

When you're 5 years old, "Stupid" is a bad word, when you're 15 "fuck" is a bad word, When you're 25 "work" is a bad word, when you're 45 "birthday" is a bad word, and when you're 75 "death" is a bad word, amirite?
@Now use it all in the same sentence!

Some stupid fuck at work told me my next birthday will be the death of me.

You remember Maisie Mouse, amirite?

When I was little I wanted to name my baby brother Talula

You like wearing funny costumes better than scary costumes, amirite?

One year I was a basket of laundry

I love walking down the street and stumbling upon children on leashes. It just makes me wonder at what point do you decide to leash your child, amirite?

When my little brother was 2 he ran away all the time even if we were in the backyard. My mom had said she would've loved a kid leash when we went to Disney cause he ran away a few times there.

Social norms are wack. Who says I have to wash my clothes after I wear them once? Who says I have to wear shoes when walking my dog? I should be able to feel the warm pavement on my bare feat without getting dirty looks from people, amirite?
It's the worst when soda goes down your trachea instead of the food-and-drink tube, amirite?
Pixar managed to make a sequel to almost all of the movies they made except for their best movie created, Finding Nemo. What is up with that. amirite?
Newer parents have a deranged idea about first words, bee-bo is not a word nor has it, nor will it, amirite?

My best friends moms first word was beer

When you really love or respect a band, you actually go to the store and buy their physical CDs, amirite?

i buy cd's and i listen to them about 10 times each before i remember to put them on itunes. and i don't waste my battery at night with my ipod and listen to it. i pop in a cd and listen to that.

Amazing women are like Rare Pokemon: They are very difficult to find, stand out from the rest, have exceptional qualities and you need Master Balls to catch them. amirite?

At first I read amazing as amazon.