Vegetarian hot pockets: for those of us who don't eat meat but would still like diarrhoea, amirite?

They introduced a breakfast hot pocket. Now you can eat a hot pocket for breakfast, and I hot pocket for lunch and be dead by dinner.

When people only lived to 40, it was necessary to have children soon after reaching puberty. Now that our life span has doubled, most decide to wait until their 20s. Our bodies did not change with our social customs, however, so we still go through puberty at a young age. It makes sense, then, that young teens quickly fall in "love," because that is what humans are designed to do at that age: become physically attracted and mate, amirite?
You do weird shit when you're home alone, amirite?

dude i walk around without pants on, turn up the stereo, and do cooking experiments in the kitchen.

Girls, you let your tits be bra free when you go to sleep, amirite?

i only wear a bra to sleep if i'm sleeping over someone else's house. cause then it would be awkward.

No football players, the field does not belong to you, it belongs to the marching band members we just let you borrow it. amirite?

my marching band is really competitive and we sometimes march for three and a half hours every day after school. my teacher always says, "If this were easy, they'd call it football."

My shortness

The products they make up on TV shows like 'Drake and Josh', 'iCarly' and 'Zoey 101' are actually very clever. Ex: Blix, Doodlecakes, Pac Rat, Clackers, Peppy Cola, Pearpods, Pearphones, etc. amirite?

Chips A'Soy!

Snuggle, cookie and giggle are the three cutest words in the English language, amirite?

I think sprinkles, puddle, and puffy, and fuzzy are cute words. And glitter.

Sometimes being a teenager in a long term relationship (over a year) has far more negative consequences than positive ones, amirite?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and three months and we're going to be juniors. Its a long distance relationship too. I'm not exactly the most emotionally stable person out there so if my boyfriend and I saw each other all the time instead of once a month like we do now I'd probably become dependent on him. But some I live my own life we don't have these issues. It really all depends on the relationship and the people in it.

You have never had someone give you a document and say "Sign here, here, here, NO not there, and innitial here", amirite?

Whoever loses must die... their hair pink.

It'd be awesome if the youngest kid in a family got to name the next sibling. We'd all have some crazy names like Peep, Slop, or Cookie, amirite?

My cousin wanted to name her baby brother Little Lord Jesus

It seems like a lot of people cut themselves nowadays as a plea for attention more than a cry for help, amirite?
@LamWin I don't understand why people cut themselves at all. It doesn't seem very productive. Can someone enlighten me?

Emotional or mental pain is sometimes extremely hard to disregard or forget about depending on how serious it is. Inflicting physical pain on oneself usually masks the emotional pain and gives the self-harmed something else to focus on for the time being. It is counter-productive in some cases because a lot of people are embarrassed because of the scars. But a lot of times it does take away the emotional pain which is a great thing for some people that cut. Why feel miserable every day in your head when instead you can have a cut that can eventually heal?this is the reason why I cut but it could be different for everyone who does self-harm.

Weed should be legalized and sold in stores

I believe that marijuana should be sold the same as tobacco. I think it's ridiculous that marijuana is illegal but tobacco isn't since cigarettes do way worse long term health problems than marijuana ever will. I also think the drinking age should be lowered to 18. America has the highest drinking age in the world and countries where the drinking age is 16 or 18 have a much lower death due to alcohol count.

A typed 10 page, single spaced book report and a 20 page Geometry review packet is too much summer work for an eighth grader, amirite?
@moustache you've never finished a book?

I've finished plenty of books. In the summer I procrastinate so bad that I never wound up finishing the summer reading or math packets.

I'm so sick of hearing all these "Progressive" rock bands, progressive is just another word for shitty, amirite?

I am a huge fan of Rush.