Girls: you're not a fan of the new high-low shirt style, amirite?

It's like the mullet of clothes

This is a BAD baby shower idea, amirite?
@SkylarOctavious Haha I think it's actually pretty humorous.

It's not like it's actually made of sperm. I'd eat a cupcake shaped like a horse dick.

Saying "guns don't kill people, bullets do," is like saying "I haven't raped anyone, but my dick has," amirite?


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If the thing you're most talented at is really pointless you feel sort of cheated, talent wise, amirite?

It's weird, today (which is shortly after I posted this) my English teacher was telling us all about how we've all got something that we're really great at that others can't understand how we even begin to get that good. She was referring to this guy who's good with tech stuff.
I was just sitting there like "I can hula-hoop and skip-it at the same time"

It'd be really awkward if you were having sex or masturbating, and a monster from Monsters, Inc. walked out of your closet to scare you, amirite?

"Are you having sex?"
"Holy shit Mike & Sully?? I'm sorry you guy had to see that."
"No! It's cool! Put that thing back in her vagina, or so help me!"

It's weird how Apple claims 8 gigs is enough for about 2000 songs. If you played 250 songs at a gig, the crowd would leave, amirite?

It's a hidden message. If you scramble the letters, add a few, and get rid of some, it says:
"Steve Jobs probably raped little children, amirite?"

And I agree Rocky, you are cruel.

If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?

Hold on...Lemme get this dick out of my mouth first.

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Being a doctor must be way more exciting than being a dentist, because if someone gets sick or is having a baby on a plane or something, you can help them and be the hero. But if you're a dentist, I doubt this ever happens: OH GOD THIS PERSON HAS A CAVITY! IS ANYONE HERE A DENTIST!? amirite?


When you think about it, Hitler really wasn't such a bad guy. After all, he did kill Hitler, amirite?
When you think about it, Hitler really wasn't such a bad guy. After all, he did kill Hitler, amirite?
@Serg We should throw a party.

Let's call it a 'LOLOCAUST'! And there will be food, drinks, and a concentration game.

Overweight people have a certain advantage in Spin the Bottle, they take up more of the circle, amirite?
@Shadi Hey Arnold sure is edgier than I remember it to be..

Yeah it's TV-MA now..
Here's a few lines from the latest episode
Arnold: Hey Helga. What's wrong?
Helga: Fuck off Arnold! YOU LITTLE BITCH!
Gerald: You gotta be fucking with me Helga, you treating Arnold like a dick now?
Arnold and Gerald pull out glocks
Arnold: Count to three or get your head blown off, bitch.
Helga: Suck my inexistant dick!
Helga then pulls down her pants, and reveals she is a tranny.

C-section babies: you're offended by this post, amirite?

Weddings are materialistic and unnecessary. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a one day event in order to show your commitment and love for your partner. A wiser investment would be making a down payment on a house or car or simply saving the money for the future, amirite?

I am definitely wearing my wedding dress more than once. Even if I have to wear it to the grocery store.