It's weird how october isn't the 8th month, amirite?

It used to be. About forever ago, people saw March 25th or something like that as New Year's Day, so March was technically the first month, making SEPTember the 7th, OCTOber the 8th, NOVember the 9th, and DECember the 10th.
(Sept = 7, Octo = 8, Nov = 9, Deca = 10)

Is South Park offensive to you?

I love South Park because, as many others have said before me, the writers are offensive sometimes to prove a point. And anyway, it's not like they only rip on one religious group or nationality or race or whatever. They poke fun at everything and everyone. I feel like South Park teaches one to laugh at oneself and find humor in negative aspects of society and life.

It bothers you when someone ends their post with "am I right?". This is, not, amirite?

somebody please put this post and the one below on amiwrong.

It's a lot harder to say your ABCs of cuss words than you think, amirite?
Wii Sports shouldn't count as the best selling Wii game since it came packaged with every Wii. By that logic, Minesweeper is the best selling PC game, amirite?

It wasn't bundled with the Wii in Japan, yet tons of people still bought it there.

Shotguns in black ops are garbage, amirite?
@heethebobo Black Ops is garbage, amirite?

Not really, it's just because of all of the noobs who got the game for Christmas (not saying everyone who got it for Christmas is a noob, I'm specifically talking about the 8-year-olds and such). Just cause of them it sucks. Just wait till MW3, then Blops will be a great game and MW3 will suck. It's not the game, it's the people playing. That's why we just stick to Zombies.

Four Seasons fans: Your favourite movement is Winter, amirite?
@crazyllamas I quite enjoy autumn.

Autumn is nice, but my favourites are by far Winter and Summer.

You can't wait for E3, amirite?
@Heat55wade It already started bro

If you'll notice the date I posted this, which was the morning of MS's press conference...

You really hate that the 'cool' thing to do nowadays is to trash modern singers. Maybe they aren't the same as old singers, but let your fucking nostalgia go. Justin Bieber/One Direction AREN'T that bad, amirite?

Pink Floyd is my favorite band, and I think their music is absolutely amazing. (although Tool is a close second)
If One Direction is your favorite band, and you think their music is amazing, feel free to listen to them. Just because I say they're bad doesn't mean they really are bad, I just think they are because I don't like their music.

Apple invents something, everyone else tries to copy it and brags about why theirs is better than Apple's, Apple sells millions more than the other brand, repeat, amirite?

2002: Bill Gates reveals a tablet PC. No one cares.
2010: Steve Jobs reveals the iPad. World pisses itself like an excited dog.
2012: Steve Ballmer reveals the Microsoft Surface. People claim they stole the idea from Apple.

(I took this from a 9GAG post, and if I still had the link, I'd give you credit, whoever made this...)

You prefer Les Miserables to Phantom of the Opera, amirite?

I prefer Phantom.
And sorry to bring other shows into this, but I honestly prefer RENT to both.

Guys: You hate how girls think all of us can pee standing up, amirite?
You don't like it when the singer at a live show has the audience sing the chorus, amirite?

It honestly depends on the song. What if the song has a multi-person/choral part for the chorus? (ex. Pour Some Sugar On Me)

The Demon Code prevents the Devil from declining a Rock Off Challenge, amirite?

Ooh, yeah. I played some metal, and almost got a sex slave.

On Canada Day (July 1), instead of ending all posts with "amirite?" we should end them in "eh?" in honor of Canada, amirite?

Brilliant. Thanks for letting me know.