About me.

Moved to tumblr! therockineflatmajor.tumblr.com

September 2, 2013: I will be on here for short bursts occasionally.

June 9, 2013: I will be back for a week.

For now (possibly permanently) I will stop using this site, but I intend to leave the profile up, and there is a possibility I will be back.

My username is based on a song by dubstep producer FLeCK.

I will not always talk about music on here, but I am happy to have discussions about music. Since amirite posts cover a variety of topics, my comments cover a variety of topics.

When I started this account, I made several posts about music, but people weren't voting on them. Then again, how many people would know what a chromatic appoggiatura is?

I am majoring in piano at a college that has a primary focus in music and have a considerate amount of performance experience. My first semester has ironically had almost nothing to do with music academically.

2nd semester: Much more of a workload than the first semester. Psychology and music theory take up the most time. At least one of the time-consuming classes is music-related.

I have never been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but I get high on sleep deprivation.

3/3/2013: I made my first link post on here. I guess it's inevitable, and it seems like that's the cool thing to do now.

My profile will always be 14% complete due to the new format. I don't feel like conforming to the new format.

My political views:


Musical taste:


Ludwig Van Beethoven
Franz Joseph Haydn
Johannes Brahms
Frederic Chopin
Gabriel Faure
Franz Lizst
Claude Debussy
Gustav Holst
Modest Mussorgsky
Aram Khatchaturian
Frederic Rzewski

Classic Rock:

Frank Zappa
The Who
Jethro Tull
Pink Floyd
The Clash
Warren Zevon
The Fugs
Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne


Cage the Elephant
Green Day
Linkin Park
Jordan Zevon
Ben Folds
The Decemberists


Gil Scott Heron
The Last Poets
Jasiri X
Tha Truth
Michael Franti (does he belong in any genre?)


High Rankin
Fox Stevenson
Rebel Sonix
Rudi Zygadlo
Flux Pavilion

I will most likely be updating this list at some point.

According to anonymous user SilenceIsAPunishment, I never talk about music on here.