It's annoying when someone makes an immature sex joke in a conversation and you try to ignore it, and they think you didn't understand it so they try to force it on you. Heh heh get it? Force it? amirite?

haha, it's a joke about rape

If Tom Marvolo Riddle figured out that his name anagrams to "I am Lord Voldemort," he has a little too much time on his hands, amirite?


What's with all this fascination with zombies? A walking mannequin or dead person has absolutely no interest for me. Did it start with Michael Jackson's "Thriller?" I never did understand that one, either.
News stations are unbiased and portray the whole story, amiwrong?

about to vote nw, then actually read the part at the end

why cant america just use celsius it’s so much easier to spell than feiehreirheineiheit

Because the metric system is too mainstream.

What if schools actually taught children to do basic maths and banned calculators from their premises completely (including the teachers) - the world would be a better place! amirite?

You kind of need calculators to get a specific answer for some calculations. Once you get into calculus you realize how important a calculator actually is for real-life calculus applications.

If a woman lies about being on birth control the man shouldn't be forced to support the child, amirite?

Interesting discussion. This is reminding me of a comic I saw once for some reason. I can't find it anywhere, but the dialogue is as follows:

Man: I only want two kids.
Woman: No I want 3.
Man: After the second child I'll just get a vasectomy.
Woman: Well I hope you love the third one as your own.

You drive drunk and kill someone, you go to jail. No questions asked. You are intentionally trying to hurt someone knowingly getting into your vehicle drunk.

If you drive drunk and kill someone, you deserve to go to jail. I agree with you on that part. However, the person was most likely judgment-impaired temporarily by the alcohol, so it's a stretch to say that you are intentionally trying to hurt someone.

There's been at least one teacher in your life that you've wanted to have sex with, amirite?

Having sex with any of my teachers would be weird.

It's scary to think that the Hunger Games could have been a possible outcome of the American Civil War, amirite?

unlikely though

America is not the greatest nation in the world. There is no greatest nation. Every nation has its own features that make it unique and great in its right. America just has more of these great features than any other nation, amirite?

Like our prison rate for instance. No country has a greater prison rate than the United States.

You appreciate that <script>if ( currentUserUsername ) { document.write(currentUserUsername+" is an active user");}
else { document.write("there are many active users"); }</script> on this site, amirite?

wow, what does an anon see?

Those photo collage pictures on facebook of things that are written down are annoying, amirite?

The kind where it's someone holding up a piece of paper or the kind that's a sentence in several postings?

I think all restaurants should be required to list the nutritional content of their foods on their menus so that people can make more informed decisions about their food choices.

or if you request it it should be readily available

There is no reason for a preschooler to have a portable fax machine. Amirite?
@eldorito Do you actually know a preschooler with one of these?

I am guessing it's a joke about all the posts about how 12 year olds shouldn't have cell-phones.