polite but not expected

Justin and Selena broke up? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOObody cares, amirite?

For anyone who's wondering how or why it happened:

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You would rather suck on Satan's unwashed rectal thermometer than drink McDonald's sweet tea. amirite?

No thank you. I don't care for McDonald's, but I'd gladly drink McDonald's sweet tea if the alternative was...that.

Sugar is the only word in the English vocabulary that starts with 'SU' but makes the 'SH' sound. I'm sure of it, amirite?
@fuzala sure surely I'm sure of it TONGUE TWISTER

Now that I think of it, I'm sure that was the point.

Learning shouldn't be the struggle it is, making it enjoyable by adding in some games or jokes or things of the sort relating to the subject would probably be great for everyone, amirite?

My calculus teacher had written the expression for the integral of ex on the board (the left side of this equation), and then said "don't think about sex".

People with drug and alcohol addictions should not be considered disabled and tax payers should not be forced to support them, amirite?

People with drug and alcohol addictions have a health problem. I don't know if they should be considered disabled, but they should get medical help, something which taxes can help pay for.

Accept the culture you immigrated into, or get the fuck out amirite?
@aperfectsonnet Yeah, I'll admit you did catch the irony there. This specific photo is of the Sydney riots in September. It was...

All right, I don't see a protest of a film propagating anti-Muslim bigotry as "not accepting our culture." Is anti-Muslim bigotry part of Canada's culture? Because to me that does not paint Canada in the best light. (To be fair, there is a lot of anti-Muslim bigotry over here in the US which does not paint us in the best light either.)

Four years isn't enough time to change the economy. Some of the people on Facebook have been in school for much longer than four years and still don't know the difference between you're and your, amirite?
Words like "stupid" and "retard" are as hurtful as racial epithets. The pain caused by these labels can last a lifetime. Amirite?

The word "stupid" can sometimes be used tastefully, but the word "retarded" should not be used outside of the medical term.

Since teachers are the main reason we hate school, it would be cool to witness the time when robots or talking boards completely replace teachers

Since when were teachers the reason why we hate school?

You're not scared of being "Forever Alone", you're just scared of settling for the wrong person.

I'm worried about both actually

Music nowadays isn't as good as it used to be what with all of the One Direction and Nicki Minaj crap out there. You miss the days when you could go into the local tavern and hoist a mighty flagon of mead to a jaunty tune on the lute of a young bard, amirite?

I upvoted because I found the post to be funny. However, there is some good music that's not One Direction or Nicki Minaj.

Saying or posting a statement, and then ending with "I could be completely wrong, though" completely invalidates anything you've just said, amirite?

I think it shows that you're thinking rationally and that your opinion/theory is open to change.

Everybody's got something to hide.

except for me and my monkey

I thought it was just slow to load at first.