If the censoring of curse words on this website continues, then you are going to consider leaving this website, amirite?

I feel sufated every time I visit this website! It's reulous.

However insensitive it seems, the world should switch to a Darwin-like society. Without it, the world will be too populated and bad genes are left in the gene pool
@lana It seems that you don't understand natural selection very well. In a Darwinian world, no one would have to make...

A lot of people use Darwin to justify eugenics. And this Darwinian world leads to a "might makes right" kind of ideology...and we've seen how this has worked out in the past.

Be honest: If you see a big black woman you espect her to be able to sing well, amirite?

And if I see someone post on Amirite, I espect them to spell expect correctly.

The fact that water has an expiration date is a bit concerning... amirite?

If you don't mind me asking, what does this have to do with Harry Potter?

If you do not know what your body's problem areas are you should not dress yourself. Get a stylist or at least an honest friend's opinion before walking outside, amirite?

Because everyone in the world is just as shallow as you are.

The ideal first date would be to go to a fancy restaraunt, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap, then ordering those fancy sliders and having a sword fight with the little sandwich swords that they come with.
@Are you 8 years old?

No, I think OP just read too many MLIA posts.

They really need to stop making sequels to older movies especially the ones that had a seemingly finite ending because they end up being stupid and they almost ruin the first movie for you. (example: finding nemo 2, cars 2, monsters university) Amirite?

Finding Nemo - I agree. There should not be a sequel.
Cars - I'm not too sure whether or not there should be a sequel, but I don't think so.
Monsters University - Who knows? It might actually be good...

Is it true that once a gold digger always a gold digger? Does the same apply as once a liar always a liar? Can people really change their spots?

Slow down for a second. Which question am I answering?

A poem is always better if rhymed. It connects the meaning more closely to the mind. It's deeper- it sharpens the words; makes them bright. It gives it more rhythm and tone, Amirite?
@Watchful_questioneer yeah, the whole post was a poem. they do rhyme

Touche, for some reason, I didn't think "amirite?" was part of the poem. This is brilliant.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Are the voting buttons invisible?

"Mom, dad, I have cancer. It's a tumour. It's feeding off my nutrients and growing by the day. I have already started experiencing elevated nausea during morning hours and I am constantly tired. Doctors have estimated a projected nine months before my life as it is will end. They say it's ... a boy." You could always be creative when telling your parents you are pregnant, amirite?

You can't call it cancer because the cell divisions are organized as they should be.

It's not fair for people to say homosexuality isn't a sin because, in some religions, it is, amirite?

I think we should ban pork because that is a sin in some religions.

Imagine if every time anyone made some kind of decision, like what route to take to school, the universe split into different dimensions. One with one route that s/he took, then a bunch of others based on other possible routes. There was a split for each and every little decision made by each person in the world, and there are infinite dimensions in existence now. There could be one where nazism rules, one where we are all just tribes of simple people, and many more, amirite?
@swimlax It's where economics are ruled by the government. So basically, instead of nike, reebok and adidas competing for...

I'm just going to clarify something: Communism is not necessarily where everything is controlled by a corporation, which might suggest you're talking about a monopoly, but rather where the workers control the means of production. This is, at least, the generally accepted definition of communism.

I think biological fathers should have a legal say in whether or not their child is aborted. I'm not saying they should have final say, but it's not fair for them to have absolutely no say.

I had voted Agree until I read it again and read the part about the legal say. Yes, the biological father should have a say in it, but whether it should be recognized by the law I am less sure about.

You hate when someone tries to force their opinions on you, amirite?

I like debates (sometimes)