It's great when companies market their products with clever advertising, amirite?
@sb123 I honestly have no clue why this is clever. Can someone please explain

The vacuum cleaner is shaped like a treble clef, and the rug behind it has five lines, just like a music staff, so the image looks like a treble clef on a music staff.

Some movies are extremely quotable, amirite?

White Chicks

Sometimes you wish you were great at singing and / or playing an instrument, just so you could express your feelings towards someone you like with a song that explains those feelings of yours perfectly, amirite?

One of the instruments I play is flute. It'd be really hard to play a sweet song for a guy without sounding completely weird.

Charlie on Two and a Half Men

Your mother's food is always the best, amirite?

My mother set a paper towel on fire making ice.

In middle school there were rumors that almost every male teacher was a pedophile, amirite?

Does it count if all the girls wanted the teacher to be a pedophile so they'd have a chance?

You were expecting the iPhone 5/iphone 4S to have a compleatly new design, amirite?
You should be nicer to your mom, amirite?

If I could swallow my pride, I'd tell her I'm sorry for being so hard on her...

You hate when people say you over react when your pet dies. If you had that pet all your life, he/she was basically a family member to you, so you have the right to be upset. amirite?

And when they say your grief is pathetic, they're essentially saying you're pathetic for caring about your pet enough to miss them. They're being judgmental and insensitive and rude, refusing to acknowledge that it's possible to care for something other than another human.

Everybody has that one guy friend that still loves playing with Pokemon cards. amirite?

It was my language arts student teacher, working on his master's, yet he still found time to show up in the cafeteria and challenge us to Pokemon games.

Girls: There is absolutely nothing wrong with sex before marriage, and we shouldn't be made to feel ashamed or a "slut", amirite?
@Emperorerror I don't know what to say for this, because I do agree that sex before marriage is fine. However, I do not believe...

I probably should have been more clear, but what I meant is it's wrong for girls to attempt to make other girls feel ashamed that they didn't wait for marriage. To me, that's what it comes down to, is petty girls that like to believe they're better than everyone else and try to make others feel like trash, like they're "dirtier" in some way.

Your mom jokes are pretty annoying, especially when you aren't in a good mood to hear them, amirite?
You've had feelings for someone who wouldn't be considered pretty or handsome before. amirite?
@nantsingonyama Exactly! There was this guy I liked once he wasn't necessarily super attractive but he made up for it in...

And every time it happens, I get worried that every girl thinks that way...that looks make you perfect. It's scary how shallow some people are.

You've had feelings for someone who wouldn't be considered pretty or handsome before. amirite?
@nantsingonyama and then get mocked by your friends for liking an ugly person.

He's definitely not ugly, or even close to it (in fact he actually is really cute), but it never stopped my friends from all the, "You like...him? He's not that...cute- um I mean he's probably nice!" I kinda regret telling them, because they seriously don't get liking a guy whose best qualities don't revolve around the terms hot, ripped, gorgeous, or sexy.

You've had feelings for someone who wouldn't be considered pretty or handsome before. amirite?

Seems like at my school, all the guys care about are the girls wearing stuff a size too small, but too much makeup; and all the girls care about are the "hot" guys that are also jerks. I like a guy who's quiet, but it doesn't mean a thing because I'll never be like the slut he likes...I just wish they'd all get past looks and like someone for something slightly more than skin-deep!