It's annoying when people complain that stories with girls living happily ever after with their true love are bad for kids. Let them see a happy love story. What little kid wants to see to see Princess Tiana throwing away her chance at a happy family and stay a lonely workaholic forever? amirite?

lol that was a more realistic story for girls today because even though she found her prince, they DID open the restaurant together that she worked all her life for.

We all find it awkward when people sing "Happy Birthday" to us, imagine how the Queen must feel when the entire nation is singing "God save the Queen", amirite?
@_Jojo_ I still can't grasp how there's a song like that dedicated to a single person. It just seems odd to me. It's...

if you look at it literally it may seem dedicated to a single person, but really its for the entire nation, besides she is only queen for as long as she's living.

You still have a lot of unanswered questions about Harry Potter, like who took Voldemort's body after he killed James and Lily, where do Hogwarts teachers sleep and shower or why no staff member seems to be married, amirite?
@thedoctormerlin I want to know what Horcrux did Voldemort go into when his spell backfired on him while trying to kill infant Harry...

My questions are:

~What was the relationship between Draco and Harry after the 7th book?
~Do wizards have "higher education" like college or do they just have vocational training?
~What has Aberforth been up to all this time (we don't even meet him until the end of book 7)
~What happens to the Dursleys?
~What caused Regulus to leave the Death Eaters and betray Voldemort?
~Kind of random but to portraits of peoples have personalities and IQ? do they retain the memories of their actual person? even if they're dead? for example the portrait of professor dumbledore in the headmaster's office?

Elementary school intercom: "have a fun weekend!" middle school intercom: "have a fun and safe weekend!" high school intercom: "have a SAFE weekend!", amirite?

lol plus the amount of hw they give us doesn't permit it to be fun enough grrr.

Elementary School: you need to have the coolest notebook or skipping rope. Middle School: coolest clothes or cell phone. High School: ugh I don't care anymore, amirite?

I "I don't care" didn't come until college....

Elementry School: Must have the coolest toys to brag about (beanie babies, furbys, tomagatchis etc.) and gel pens in all the colors of the rainbow.

Middle School: must have the coolest notebooks and binders and coolest clothes in all the brands that middle-school kids wear with the name printed (Roxy, Hollister, Aeropostale, Volcom, etc)

High School: must wear the most trendy clothing (not necessarily brand named) must have the coolest Cell Phone, iPods and gadgets, must have the coolest car.

College: Don't care anymore.

haha well these were the "trends" when i grew now 20


you don't get what i mean...of course no1 NEEDs a snuggie, but entrepreneurs got creative and thought of the product to make money and made the average american THINK they need it.