Its weird how some British people lose their accents when singing. amirite?

see the comment below mine....thats exactly what im taking about. Every style of music has an accent associated with it.

Why do arabian women put a red dot on their foreheads? A: Helps for better aiming. amirite?
@actually the red dot represents them being married, why dont you do some research or something before you sound...

A red dot on the forehead doesn't represent marriage, the red stuff at the parting in the hair does.

Why do arabian women put a red dot on their foreheads? A: Helps for better aiming. amirite?

damn you can't get your racist jokes right? jeezzz . . . .

Don't do something that puts innocent people in danger. They don't deserve to die because of the dumb choices you make, amirite?

ahem drunk driving ahem

It would be nice if someone came up with 'pregnant' pastry. When eating one, you'd get a smaller version of what you're eating inside. That would be really interesting, amirite?

haha idk about that but a lot of those seedless oranges are "pregnant"

When someone else describes their house that you've never seen before you imagine the layout somewhat like your own inadvertently, amirite?

LOL when i read a book, the house that the main character lives in always looks like my old (former house).

Karma really is a bitch to bees, amirite?

a worker bees purpose in life is to extract honey and protect the when they die after stinging you they die in honor.

to have milk without cookies doesn't feel right. amirite?
@asleepfromday What does being American have to do with liking cookies and milk?

because people in different countries have different foods that they eat with milk. eating milk with cookies is very American and also many people in other parts of the world call cookies 'biscuits' .

Laziness shouldn't be looked down upon. When man got too lazy to walk, he tamed the horse, became even more lazier, invented the car. When he became too lazy to get up to switch the channel, invented the remote. Became too lazy to wait for food to heat up, invented the microwave... and numerous such innovations. Laziness promotes innovation. amirite?

actually the microwave was invented my accident..

Ever notice that there's no inter racial couples in commercials, amirite?

i was watching a the suggestive "SEALY MATRESS WITH SPRINGS" commercial and every couple they showed were the the same race and i was thinking the same exact thing...

The Black Eyed Peas are too lazy to pronounce "am going to," amirite?

it was actually rappers who coined the word "Imma"

Behind your ears smells like cheese, amirite?

1) if you clean behind your ears they shouldn't smell like anything!
2) how the hell did you smell behind your own ears?

It would be a very small family reunion if you were an only child, your parents were only children and your grandparents were only children. amirite?

aww no one to play with..