Entertainment doesn't have to be intellectual, it just has to be entertaining. That's why it's entertainment, amirite?
@I_did_it_in_a_tree pfft.. that stuffs not entertaining.

I agree, but some people seem to be hooked on it, even though they KNOW its bad.

87x/59(1 x)=(187x)(67-x)...fuck this, I'm going to be a pimp. amirite?

Dude.....its not even that hard..you bring everything to one side and solve for zero using the quadratic formula...you just get a messy answer and it probably looks a lot uglier than it really is because you used the computerized operation-symbols AND because u included stupid things like "59(1x)" [its just 59x].....i sure hope ur like a kid in HS or something...

"Wow, you're mature for a freshman!"
Yeah, and you're a pretty messed up sophomore if you really think our 3 month age difference affects our maturity levels that greatly, amirite?

its not about the age, its about the experience aquired by GOING through freshman year. . .

you didn't know that Steve Jobs was the CEO of Pixar, amirite?

im surprised so many ppl around the world know him, but don't really know what he did (other than the iOS stuff)

Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Wall-e are the greatest animated movies ever, amirite?

You forgot LION KING! and UP!

guys (and some girls): you wonder why some girls go out and pay money to get their nails painted, especially since it doesnt last long and they can do it themselves for alot less money. amirite?

i put YYA but sometimes its nice if you want something really pretty that can't do with the hand you don't use. maybe for like special occasions.

Just because you don't support war doesn't mean that you don't support our troops, amirite?

i was just thinking about this the other day...im glad to know ppl agree.

Its weird how some British people lose their accents when singing. amirite?
@Singers are basically trained not to have too distinctive an accent. Rounded-off sounds are the way to go :] Ahs...

only for pop music, jazz, soul and stuff classical singers are told to sing in british accents.

It's not gay if you're a guy and you play the flute. It's only gay when you close your eyes and sway to the music, amirite?

wait why is it gay to sway to the music? are men not supposed to sway to the music and enjoy themselves? this post makes no sense?

to have milk without cookies doesn't feel right. amirite?
  • milk with cereal
    chocolate milk/strawberry milk/ banana milk....etc
    milk tea
    milk coffee
    chocolate cake
    milk with honey it it.
    milk peanut butter and jelly sandwich
    milk with brownies
    milk with bread

to each his or her own taste! and some ppl can have milk just like that, without anything.

When you see that ad of the color hamburgers you think of Spongebob, amirite?

lol they are macarons! its like a cookieish thing with creme inside

It's weird to wonder how many times you have escaped death without knowing it. Like, if you decided to NOT hit the snooze button today, and left your house 5 minutes early, and got run over by a bus. Or, you decided to go to a gas station for coffee and were shot by a robber. It's crazy to think about, amirite?

omg this reminds me of this movie, where a girl spills coffee on her computer and after a series of coincidental events, she lands on her knife and dies...can't remember what its called though x__x

it's sad that around 40% of americans don't believe in evolution, amirite?
To girls who complain about guys leaving the toilet seat up: IT'S NOT EXACTLY HEAVY, just move it yourself! And since we're all equal anyway, how about you leave it up after YOU'RE done with it? amirite?

because men need it down too, for when they #2....and leaving it up can be a potential danger to someone who doesnt notice....also things may fall in, etc etc...

Now matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery, amirite?

hahaha thanks i have a physics final tmrw >.< aghh