The best things in life don't need a commercial, amirite?

like jamba juice and In-n-Out

Asians can't do British accents, amirite?

what about Cho Chang? lol

Eric from "The Little Mermaid" is the hottest of the Disney male characters, amirite?

Aladdin, then Flynn Rider, then General shang, and THEN prince Eric :]

It's annoying when malls hire Santas that aren't old white men. Santa is not 35, Santa is not a woman, and Santa is NOT black, so stop pretending that he is. amirite?

if this guy can make reindeer fly, then he can be whatever color/shape/age/gender he wants.

@Lkun Well I just failed the dirty mind test...

haha me too..but isnt it kinda dirty to look into peoples bedroom windows? i mean what if they're naked??

It's kind of funny that Shakespeare invented the word "swagger," amirite?
There's at least one body part that you just find generally unattractive, amirite?

i'd say genitals are the ugliest, but does anyone else here not like nipples? i feel like they're looking at you or something... 0.0

WOW people like you can even make something dirty out of FLOWER! (wait no, a flower is a reproductive organ, bad example)

People like you can even make something dirty out of an ICE CREAM CONE! ( wait no, vanilla ice cream looks like "creamy white stuff" ,another bad example)

People like you can make something dirty out of a TEDDY BEAR! (wait no, teddy bears sleep with children at night, another bad example)


Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell, the name will carry. amirite?
If those fashion shows want to find really good candidates for their makeovers, they should just walk through Walmart, amirite?

haha i think its more a matter of ppl could care less about what they wear to walmart, not because everyone at walmart has horrible taste in clothing.

It would be awesome if the walls of your room were giant whiteboards, and you had every possible colour of dry-erase marker, amirite?

but it would smell bad though....

Girls: you hate posts that address a certain gender, but really applies to both, amirite?

Yea like all those posts about guys getting "friendzoned"! girls get it too!

If you can't drive, you should not be having sex, amirite?

ok maybe in the US, UK, Canada, & Australia the average person knows how to drive by their late teens, but there are many countries where many adults don't drive either because their public transportation is good, they can afford drivers, their roads are bad, or because not everyone can afford cars. So what about all those people? they should not have sex?

You only know your own country's national anthem. All the others sound kind of weird. amirite?

u find the british one odd because the melody is that of a 2 stanza patriotic poem in our country...of course we stole that melody from them hehe....(im american)

Why is it that when someone thinks of a futuristic invention, they always think of flying cars? I mean, why not singing toasters or invisible chairs? Amirite?
@Invisible chairs sound like a great idea

I think holographic chairs sound even better hehehe :D