What about a restaurant where they have several options/substitutions for a single dish? Lot of people have dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, dairy-free, kosher, etc. If your chefs can alter the recipe to fit those peoples needs without screwing up the recipe that would be great! We once ordered a pumpkin ravioli in veg form (it was served in chicken broth sauce) and they gave it to us dry, i mean don't they have veg broth in such a fancy restaurant? I get really tired of ordering from the "veg only" options which seem very limited. I like how in some Thai restaurants you can pick an entree to come with Beef, Chicken, Tofu OR shrimp so u can pick whichever suits you.

Reasons to get out of bed: Food

i have to pee

Love at first sight is a pretty stupid idea, since it is based purely on looks and material things, amirite?

what if the first time you see them they are on stage receiving an award for rescuing puppies? it CAN happen!

Which major event/s or time in Earth's geological history would you have liked to witness the most, indirectly?

Dinosaurs FTW! :)

Who is your all time favorite fictional villain?

dark vader??
and frankenstein is not a villain! how did this make it to the home page? -__-

It's refreshing to see music videos that have meaning and tell a story, amirite?

i thought of "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake. it was worth the 8 min long video <3

You can tell where a tree feels insecure about itself by what part(s) it keeps shrouded with leaves even in it's coldest moments, amirite?

Thats a PARASITIC PLANT, growing on tree.
Image in content

To girls who complain about guys leaving the toilet seat up: IT'S NOT EXACTLY HEAVY, just move it yourself! And since we're all equal anyway, how about you leave it up after YOU'RE done with it? amirite?

because men need it down too, for when they #2....and leaving it up can be a potential danger to someone who doesnt notice....also things may fall in, etc etc...

A good thing about the winter is when your out of room in you're fridge or freezer, you have a huge one outside. amirite?

I live in california xD

In reality, obese people are no different than drug addicts. They are both harming their body and endangering their health, amirite?

yes its harmful to them physically, but obese people can still have a job and stuff. Drugs deeply fuck up the addicts' brain.

Girls: Bra shopping and jeans shopping can be the most frustrating things ever, amirite?

Im not even 5 feet tall and i wear 34B (big boobs for a small person, but considered small for an average person) therefore all the nice bras are stuffed for a fuller look (which i don't want). I resort to ugly granny like bras since no one really see's in anyways :(

Dumbo probably wouldn't have been able to fly with ear gauges, amirite?
Maxi dresses and skirts haven't gone out of style because they were made for when girls might need to dress up but they were too lazy to shave, amirite?

and then there's us short girls :(

Making a baby laugh uncontrollably is one of the best feelings in the world, amirite?
@So is making a baby

hahaha thats what i accidentally read it as!

When texting the girl you like and the conversation dies, you resort to the question game, amirite?

whats the question game??