About me.

'Sup brah, I'm Bailey. I've been 14 since 11/24, which occasionally falls on Thanksgiving (and did this year). I'm in 8th grade at a public middle school, but I'm looking forward to starting high school next year.

I am very different in person than online. In real life, I tend to usually keep strong opinions to myself and treat everyone with kindness and respect and oh so lovely things like that. I'm a lot more blunt online, though. I'm usually still pretty nice, but you're likely to know it if you annoy me or I think you're stupid. Just saying.

I have a number of interests that you probably don't care to hear about. If you hadn't noticed, I kind of like ponies a bit. Yeah. Apple Bloom is my favorite but I love most of them. :3

I'm kind of in love with Tumblr.