The fact that the symbol for Sirius radio is a black dog just cannot be a coincidence, amirite?

um...its not coincidence. sirius is a constellation....of a dog. from forever ago. sirius black and sirius radio were just named after it.

...How i found out 3 of my cousins were engaged!

you don't know where the second base men in baseball plays (if you do leave your answer in the comments),amirite?

between first & second base, but closer to second than first.

I doubt when Anthony created this site, he considered the possibility of it being a massive conversation about girls' periods, amirite?
Why doesn't Voldemort make all of his horcruxes grains of sand? That way Harry Potter will NEVER find them, amirite?

Voldemort thought he was all-powerful, he believed he deserved everything he made into the horcruxes, so he wouldn't put his soul in a piece of sand, because sand is useless, it's common.

i was on this site point2shop, you supposed to starts out with 250 points, they give don't do that to people in Canada nor will they E-MAIL you gift card numbers for itunes (the only reason i signed up). i said this was way rascist because this is ONLY a rule for Canada, but my friend disagrees, i think it would be easy enough to at least email us gift card # and they just being plain mean amir... amirite?
School stands for Six Crappiest Hours Of Our Lives. amirite?

...I actually have to go to school for seven hours.

Even though Amanda Bynes and her twin brother look totally different once she 'becomes a boy' in She's the Man and the plot is pretty unrealistic, you still can't help but love the movie anyway. Amirite?

It was actually based off of Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'.

Grammer Nazis don't correct spelling, amirite?


A post insantly becomes more interesting when you notice that it has more comments than actual votes. amirite?

i actually did just look at this to see what everyone was saying...made my day, anonymous :)

you've thought about how cool it would be to mess with somebody's keyboard & make every letter different, like if they pressed R it would show up as H or something, then realized how completely impossible it would be for you to pull off, amirite?

yeah, when on word or something you could go to the auto-correct tool and just make each letter change into a different letter.

It sucks when you can't fall asleep until like 5 in the morning and need to get up 2 hours later, amirite?

just happened to me today...i went to church with gramma...i'm not even religious.

First it was black people that were discriminated, then women, now homosexuals, whats next, robots? amirite?

actually they were all being discriminated against at the same's just the decades that they really fought for their rights are slightly off.

According to your parents, there are three things that cure anything: ibuprofren, a hot shower, or a nap, amirite?
In elementary school, when the nurse checked for lice it felt good, amirite?

that actually happens to kids in elementary school? never happens in my district (nurses checking for lice...we don't have permanent nurses, we have volunteer parents)