There is no word in the English Language that is less than 1 letter long. amirite?

But there are plenty in leetspeak

In the Grinch, Max was likely a thrown away Christmas gift, amirite?

A lot of his stuff probably is like that. Good point though.

There is a nonzero chance you've shaken hands with a criminal, amirite?

Well of course I know him, he's me.

When we take somthing out of a back pack we're basically ripping out the back packs organs. amirite?

But the backpack started without any origins

We eat fruits. If the role is reversed, fruits eat our babies. amirite?

Better than grinding up fetuses

More people would probably have kids if you could just incubate them to the point where they can walk and sleep all night.... amirite?
Vinegar is the only cleaning product that you can also enjoy with fish and chips. amirite?
With personalised data on everyone, Google could blackmail and collapse while countries. amirite?
Beastboy's real power is that he can alter his mass at will, amirite?
Kids growing up playing with wireless controllers will never understand the brutal satisfaction of unplugging an opponent's controller mid-game. amirite?