How I Met Your Mother is an awesome sitcom, amirite?

I hate that show. It's so boring and not funny at all.

People can be incredibly creepy at times, amirite?
@Lucky_Number_13 I live waaaaaaay far away from you. :P Seriously, why do you have so much personal info online?

I just have my age, gender, and city....It's not like I posted my IP address.

Btw, I'm not sure if you got it or not but my first comment was a joke. :P

People can be incredibly creepy at times, amirite?
People can be incredibly creepy at times, amirite?

So....where do you live? >:)

Shouldn't Jews be offended since they're taking a Christmas break, amirite?

My school calls it Winter Break..

If you were attacked or met a thief or something, you'd probably tickle them instead of trying to fight them off. No one can resist doubling over when tickled, amirite?

No one can resist doubling over when kicked in the nuts, either.

Nickelodeon NEEDS to put out more Nick Rewind DVD sets, or just make an entire channel dedicated to all of the shows it had from 1990-2000. amirite?

I have Comcast and they recently had a whole Nick Rewind section On Demand..Guess what I did that whole day..

People who have never seen snow don't know how lucky they really are. amirite?

Surely you are on CRACK?

Guys should be allowed to have teddy bears without being judged, amirite?

I have one. My girlfriend gave me it for my birthday last year. I don't sleep with it, though. That's going too far.

Every kid begins with Kay, amirite?

I lol'd. Hard.

After watching Inception, some people killed themselves because that thought that their real life was a dream. This is sad, amirite?

I heard people contemplating suicide after Avatar, but not Inception. They could've just spun a top or something if they weren't sure if they were in a dream.

Images of brain neurons and synapses look eerily similar to images of space and galaxies, making you wonder: what if "space" is the brain or cells of some other giant creature (or maybe God) and we are a tiny part of it, and what if that creature is just a tiny part of another, larger creature, and what if, within ourselves, we are each a "universe" to other things, amirite?

So there are billions of humans...and inside each human is a galaxy..then that galaxy has billions of humans and inside each of THOSE humans there's another galaxy and inside that galaxy there's billions of humans... Yeah, I'm gonna be thinking about this while I lay in bed.

6 probably only spread the 7-8-9 rumor to cover up the things 6 and 9 do together, amirite?

69 jokes. How everyone loves them.

Pixar makes the best animated films of all time, amirite?

Dreamworks, Ima let you finish..Ah forget it. So 2009.

Wait. Wasn't Dakota Fanning 9 not too long ago? amirite?

What did I do?