If you type "forehead" into Google Rihanna is the first picture to come up in Google Images. amirite?
@rilara Okay, good job stating a fact.

well i thought it was a funny fact. my bad.

Birthdays are weird, "Hey, the earth is in a similar position relative to the sun to the one it was when you were born, so I got you some socks.", amirite?

Also, parents deserve more appreciation on their kids birthdays, I mean they are the ones that brought them into this world.

So, i sort of understand putting little girls in beauty pageants.... but putting little boys in them? That's a bit odd. amirite?

haha... sadly yes =]

Every TV show has a bully and an episode showing either why the bully became so mean or that they actually have a soft side. amirite?
Anything that comes in a spray can doubles as a bug killer, amirite?

It definitely helps stop a bug mid-flight. It's always fun spraying them and then watching them crash land.

They should be allowed to sell coke AND pepsi in the same restaurant, amirite?

I work at a place that does! =]

Final Destination is like a really long episode of 1000 Ways to Die. amirite?

Simpsons did it!

The old Superman movies are way better then the new ones. amirite?

Christopher Reeve was the best Superman.

French is better than Spanish, amirite?

Well, French sounds sexier, but spanish is usually more useful.

Getting into a heated debate with someone you're good friends with usually doesn't end well if you're on different sides of the argument. amirite?
@As opposed to getting in a heated debate with someone when you're both on the same side of the argument?

... =/ i worded this wrong and didn't have enough time to edit it. what i mean is, don't get into debates with your friends because you'll only get pissed off at each other when you think that you're right and they're wrong.

On every themed calendar there is always some kind of snowy/christmas type picture. amirite?
You've had something on your face (goggles, phone, etc) and looked around for it because you couldn't see it, amirite?

why would you have your phone on your face?

It sucks when people think that you are a pretentious douche bag just because you own a mac. amirite?
@Noogieboogie Are you implying all mac owners aren't pretentious douche bags?

no. i have a mac. i don't think i'm a pretentious douche bag. i just hate how people think that mac owners think they are better than everyone else when most don't

You are a fan of amirite.net on facebook, amirite?
@Uhohxemily I'm not so my friends don't know about it

same. i don't want my friends seeing the things i post. especially since some of the things might be about them.

You've had something on your face (goggles, phone, etc) and looked around for it because you couldn't see it, amirite?
@brandonmh1 holding it to your face...?

yea but you wrote something ON your face.... so it just kind of looked weird