Either God loves all or He hates gays. Pick one, both can't be true, amirite?

He hates the sin, not the sinner.

Some people say my head's to big for my body, and I'm like COMPARED TO WHAT! amirite?
weed is a gateway drug...to narnia, amirite?


To most Christians, the Bible is like the terms of use for a software license. Nobody actually reads it, they just scroll to the bottom and click "I agree", amirite?
@Dwight Do they actually? Im Jewish and I just voted YYA cause of mob mentality

Yes, sometimes the term "Christian" is just a label. They don't have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and just go to church, pray, read the Bible etc. when convenient for them. It is quite sad.

What's the point of girls pretending to play video games to impress guys? Video games are fun, why does it matter what gender they're supposed to be for, amirite?
@Katffro He is an amazing character, in fact, he's probably the best one. Even if you suck, you can win. That's why we can't...

Oh I see hahaha yeah that makes sense. My brother always gets mad at me when I use him, thats why I started using Samus. I usually just pick one character and get good at using them, instead of using a whole bunch of characters.

That 5 gum commercial where the girl is falling and ends up floating above a bunch of blow dryers, in reality that wouldn't be fun, that would burn like crazy!! amirite?
@It's on cool mode

The commercial says it warms as you chew it, it heats up. It's hot.

Yes, the fact that both Nickelodeon and Disney have been ruined is a tragedy but lest we forget Cartoon Network, amirite?

How can you guys not like Adventure time, Chowder, Flapjack, and Regular show!? Those shows are great!! For all of you who said you liked those shows, I tip my hat to you and give you a virtual high five.

Adding '...' to the end of any sentence will make it sound like you don't want to talk, amirite?

Or depressed

You'll be talking when someone else interrupts you, and when their done talking you have totally forgotten what you were saying. amirite?

Or the story that you were going to tell won't sound as exciting or funny

When people ask you what you're thinking about you never actually tell them the truth, amirite?

Unless its like my best friend, cuz then I'd usually say it.

You always feel bad for that one kid who's allergic to EVERYTHING, amirite?

Yup, my best friend LOL

What is having a life, really? Is it considered having a life to go out partying, getting wasted all of the time, and being the social drunk? Is it really that bad to just stay at home on the computer or watch television? What truly defines having a life? amirite?

I think having a life is being happy and content.

What's the point of girls pretending to play video games to impress guys? Video games are fun, why does it matter what gender they're supposed to be for, amirite?
@Katffro I don't enjoy first-person shooter games. They make me feel too limited because you can't see all around you at...

Yup same here. I love super smash bros!! Samus and Pit are my favorite to play with in Super smash bros brawl :D

It's fun to walk with your friend and when you pass someone say someting crazy like "Well it depends if the cat ate Madona" and watch the person you are passing get very confused... amirite?

Hahaha I'm going to have to try this now.

Otter-pops are just flavored slush in plastic, amirite?

Delicious flavored slush in plastic