It's really annoying when you have a boyfriend, and there are guys who still won't stop flirting with you, amirite?

Exactly! It's almost as bad as even thought I never try at all in school, my grades just keep getting better. I want to have to study instead of spending all my free time riding around in my jet-pack while making out with super-models.

Because of the way they look or their transportation powers?

But Trelawney actually ended up serving some purpose that was helpful towards Harry, where as Umbridge was basically just a bitch throughout the entire time she was in the series.

Insulting fat people about their weight inspires them to lose weight, or commit suicide. Either way food gets saved and this excess food can be used to feed starving children in Africa. So insult fat kids; do it for the African children, amirite?

You guys honestly thought the OP was serious? Amirite is sarcasm central, learn to love it.

Justin Bieber would've been cool if he was black, amirite?

You have the best user name known to man

for anyone out there who is looking to get more money, all you have to do is sue amirite for taking away freedom of speech. when they delete posts they are taking away freedom of specch, amirite?

your user name is a lie

You remember when they aired the episode of Family Guy about converting Chris to Judaism so he could be smarter, and you wonder why the episode is no longer aired, amirite?

I still see it on TV occasionally . . .

When you buy clothes that are like American Eagle, HCo, A&F, or Aeropostale, you are just paying for the name... the clothes are actually crap and you know that, amirite?

You're only paying for the logo if you want to. There is a difference between buying a pair of jeans where you cannot tell where they are from unless you actually look at the tag, and buying a shirt where the majority of the fabric is companies logo. Yes those stores do contain the graphic tees where the graphic is an advertisement for the store itself, but they do also have clothes available for purchase which don't.

Car companies could easily prevent millions of accidents by adding breathalizers to their cars that keep the engine from starting if the reading is too high, amirite?

Only 100,000? Are you serious, that's a huge number of accidents to prevent! And the number of lives that are saved could be even greater

If Harry was neglected, starved and abused for 11 years, he would not be so ok around people as he is in the series. He should have some serious issues which are not portrayed in the books. amirite?

He also was still a child, eager to meet decent human beings and excited to be in a place where people he had never known before acted friendly toward, where he was for the most part safe, and where he could get three complete meals every single day.

Easiest way to beatbox: Boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots, cats, amirite?

don't forget adding in a random barbque every once and a while

The word carmel is pronounced car-mul, not care-uh-mell, amirite?
England should have won, amirite?

It doesn't matter who got lucky, the goalie made a mistake. This could of happened in any game and there is nothing you can do about it, this may sound cliche but everybody makes mistakes and you just have to learn from them and move on.

You annoy me more than Miley Cyrus with a vuvuzela, amirite?

Her singing would still sound the same, vuvuzela or not.