Girls: It sucks how cute guys can look cute in sweats or basketball shorts, while girls have to wake up hours earlier in order to look somewhat decent, amirite?
@Len Girls don't need to try nor do guys. At least from what I've seen.

Well, there are some things that can help both genders to look better, but I agree generally. If someone's genuinely attractive, they only have to maintain a decent level of hygiene (showering, brushing hair, etc). Clothes aren't that important. Unattractive guys have a harder time improving their looks than unattractive girls in my opinion because there's less they can do without being ostracized.

The ultimate Photoshopping challenge is to make Kristen Stewart's face show emotion, amirite?
@TommyUK1234 Totally. I just watched Snow White - she was kinda crap. Good movie, but relied heavily on the other cast members...

God, that movie was terrible. The queen was the only one who had really any interesting aspects of her personality at all, but they never expanded on why she thinks "men use women", her weird relationship with her brother, or exactly what happened in her past. The huntsman and Snow White didn't interact nearly enough for him to be her "true love", and what was with those dwarfs? Was it eight and one died, or seven and then there were six?

I don't really blame the actors, but I think better acting would have improved the movie and better convey the answers to some of my questions.

The name Darrell is often perceived as a normal name if anything a "white" name, but if you put the emphasis on "rell" rather than "Da", you get a "black" version, amirite?

That's how my uncle's name is pronounced. He's Chinese.

@StickCaveman My point was that everyone acts like it's such a big deal if you ask a woman her weight or age but it's no big...

I understood your point, but I'm saying that asking anyone their weight is rude in most circumstances. Maybe it's been different for you, but in my personal schema, asking an overweight man how much he weighs and asking an overweight woman how much she weighs are considered equally rude.

@StickCaveman I hate that it's "wrong" to ask a woman her weight or her age.

It seems kind of rude to me to ask anyone their weight unless they've mentioned it, it's come up in conversation, or you're their doctor. If someone just randomly asked me how much I weigh, I would automatically think they were implying something about the way I look.

People who don't do their schoolwork just have a zest for life that can't be contained by essays and algebra, amirite?

Maybe some people, but the vast majority are probably procrastinators who spend their time doing mundane things that they always do. I know I am when I don't do my homework.

You always brush your teeth right before going to the dentist even though it doesn't make that much of a difference, amirite?

My dentist has disposable toothbrushes in his office. The main reason I do it is to make my breath more pleasant for the hygienist.

I'm usually hesitant to try new things, but once I try them I find that I like them most of the time.

When you meet someone with the same name as your pet you can't take them seriously, amirite?

I didn't name my pets and their names are just normal names that I'd heard before (Calli and Sierra).

Truthfully, it's harder to have an attractive body as a male than as a female. Men need to have low percentage body fat as well as high muscle mass to have the "perfect body", whereas women really only need low body fat. amirite?
@tag I'm naturally a really scrawny guy. Last summer I was 5'10 and weighed 130 lbs. It's extremely hard for me to gain...

Really, no one can say what's more difficult since no one's experienced it. Everyone wants to think that they have the worse deal.

Illegal immigrants have no "rights" and they should not be given the right to legally work here (America) while still illegal, Amirite?

This is ridiculous. Of course they have rights, they are human beings and rights are intrinsic to human beings regardless of citizenship status.

Whether or not they have the legal right to work here depends on your definition of "work". Laws here are pretty contradictory- illegal inhabitants can legally own their own businesses and hire other people, but they are not permitted to get a job at someone else's business. They can also do one-time jobs, just like children are allowed to work for money in that way.

Like other people have said, it's incredibly difficult to legally immigrate. Being allowed to support themselves so that they and their families won't starve is not being "rewarded". It's a necessity and sometimes staying where they were was simply not an option.

love is the only thing worth anything, amirite?

Even disregarding material things: Honor, trustworthiness, hope, and the simple joy of living are all worth something in the same sense that love is.

Obviously the egg came first because dinosaurs and fish have been around a lot longer than chickens and they lay eggs, amirite?
@boxtop I think the question applies to chicken eggs, not eggs of other species.

Yes, but literalism and pedantry are much more entertaining than reasonable thought.

(I'm completely serious in case that sounded like sarcasm.)

Kindles are helpful because they have a much bigger capacity for information in a much smaller space than a book. Claiming that they are viewable in direct sunlight isn't impugning that quality in books; it's comparing them to other e-reading devices.

REally do we have to have gym class every day? Why should we all have to suffer through it? I mean who cares if the other teenagers get fat. It"s their own fault, amirite?

Gym class definitely needs some changes made at my school. When they play sports, they don't explain the rules of the sports at all. They just assume everyone plays by the same rules and that everyone knows how to play in the first place. They also need to add in more variety, and what variety they have needs to be more effective. During the swimming unit they should try to actually teach people how to swim if they don't know, and they should teach new strokes to people who do. They should also have weightlifting and flexibility units to make use of the weight room for people other than football players.

But OP, it's much easier to stay fit when you have a specific routine. Gym class could also teach people healthy habits, but sadly that rarely happens.