Obviously the egg came first because dinosaurs and fish have been around a lot longer than chickens and they lay eggs, amirite?
@boxtop I think the question applies to chicken eggs, not eggs of other species.

Yes, but literalism and pedantry are much more entertaining than reasonable thought.

(I'm completely serious in case that sounded like sarcasm.)

The only point of silent letters is to make words look better, amirite?

I don't think that's always true. In the word "home" you don't pronounce the "e", but it does change the way you pronounce the "o".
In "hom" the "o" would make a "ah" sound, but in "home" it makes a long "o".

Anyone who's an atheist just hasn't heard of Pascal's Wager, amirite?
@Suzywao I wager on the existence of the Abrahamic god I pick the wrong version of him, and the correct version sends me...

rrw: Agnostics belive there isn't a way of knowing whether there is a god or not. Some don't believe in god but they accept that there is a possibility one exists, and some believe in god but accept that there may be nothing.

Girls: It sucks how cute guys can look cute in sweats or basketball shorts, while girls have to wake up hours earlier in order to look somewhat decent, amirite?
@Len Girls don't need to try nor do guys. At least from what I've seen.

Well, there are some things that can help both genders to look better, but I agree generally. If someone's genuinely attractive, they only have to maintain a decent level of hygiene (showering, brushing hair, etc). Clothes aren't that important. Unattractive guys have a harder time improving their looks than unattractive girls in my opinion because there's less they can do without being ostracized.

You hate it when you really need to pee and you ask the teacher, "Can I go to the bathroom?" and s/he says, "I don't know, can you?" It's like, STFU I NEEDA PEE, THIS IS NO TIME FOR A GRAMMAR LESSON BITCH! amirite?

It would be funny to do the reverse.
Student: May I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: I don't know, may you?
Student: . . . .

@kipkayify Here are my opinions about the whole Chick-fil-A incident. 1 - The gay movement will prevail no matter what anyone...

5 - I bet that's exactly what they wanted, publicity. Just like the Dr Pepper 10 ad that was so blatantly sexist and condescending, just for attention.

People who don't do their schoolwork just have a zest for life that can't be contained by essays and algebra, amirite?

Maybe some people, but the vast majority are probably procrastinators who spend their time doing mundane things that they always do. I know I am when I don't do my homework.

Anyone who's an atheist just hasn't heard of Pascal's Wager, amirite?
@Suzywao I wager on the existence of the Abrahamic god I pick the wrong version of him, and the correct version sends me...

Zapfino, if you're commenting on a post you should be ready for other people to see what you said and reply to it.

I think most people do understand your point, that if they believe in something there's a higher probability of being "correct" in the afterlife. But belief isn't something you can turn on and off. Personally I believe that there is something after we die, but it's not like I can just choose to believe Jesus was really a human incarnation of God, or that Brahma is real, or that no god exists.

Humans don't need meat or any animal products to survive. If anything, it increases one's chance of developing cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Amirite?
@douloureux We didn't drink milk from OTHER animals originally. We definitely didn't have cheese. If meat is your only...

"I'd think that now since research has been made and we have the technology in our own hands to reverse diseases that we'd be more evolved to understand that we don't need it."

Just because we don't absolutely require meat doesn't mean we don't like it. Of course we (meat-eaters) know that it isn't strictly necessary to our survival, and it's kind of condescending to say that we don't know that.

As for the natural argument, you can't say that cheese and dairy are unnatural and then argue that we should be evolved enough to eliminate meat, which is natural, from our bodies.

If you're dumb, then you're pretty shallow; and if you're crazy then you go off the deep end. Where do normal people go in the pool, amirite?

Crazy? Do you mean smart? I never thought of "dumb" and "crazy" as being on the same spectrum.

love is the only thing worth anything, amirite?

Even disregarding material things: Honor, trustworthiness, hope, and the simple joy of living are all worth something in the same sense that love is.

You hope Oreo comes out with an Atheist cookie. Or an Oreo "God" cookie where there is nothing in the middle. amirite?

I love oreos, but I don't want them to get involved in religion.

A lot of people think that America is the same type of place in every state. California is nothing like Washington or Texas, amirite?

And even just in some states there's so much diversity. Northern California, the SF Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and Los Angeles are all really different in climate and attitude.

REally do we have to have gym class every day? Why should we all have to suffer through it? I mean who cares if the other teenagers get fat. It"s their own fault, amirite?

Gym class definitely needs some changes made at my school. When they play sports, they don't explain the rules of the sports at all. They just assume everyone plays by the same rules and that everyone knows how to play in the first place. They also need to add in more variety, and what variety they have needs to be more effective. During the swimming unit they should try to actually teach people how to swim if they don't know, and they should teach new strokes to people who do. They should also have weightlifting and flexibility units to make use of the weight room for people other than football players.

But OP, it's much easier to stay fit when you have a specific routine. Gym class could also teach people healthy habits, but sadly that rarely happens.

You always brush your teeth right before going to the dentist even though it doesn't make that much of a difference, amirite?

My dentist has disposable toothbrushes in his office. The main reason I do it is to make my breath more pleasant for the hygienist.