When people play the violin super itensely, they kinda looks like they're possessed, amirite?

Dammit! Typo. *they kinda look

You have attempted to start an applause before and have failed miserably. amirite?
For a children's site, Neopets sure does promote a lot of gambling (all the wheels, scratchcards, slots, poker, and dice games), amirite?


girls spend the first 10 years of their life playing with barbie, then spend the next 10 years of their life trying to look like her. amirite?

Apparently, if Barbie was a real human being, her boobs would be so disproportionately big that she wouldn't be able to stand up LOL

The perfect tightness for your belt is always right in-between two of the notches, amirite?

Unfortunately, this defines my life. And I am a belt whore, so things usually don't work out.

photoshop? pfft. Paint is the shit, amirite?


If toilets flush clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere, which direction would a toilet on the equator flush, amirite?

Well, it depends. If you're on the equator, you will only be exactly in the middle two days a year (the spring and fall equinox I think). Other than that, it would flush clockwise for half the year and counterclockwise for the other half.

Another part of why so many kids are overweight so young is that anything with more potential to get hurt then sitting down is so tightly supervised and so strictly controlled in order to avoid even a scraped knee that playing outside has just stopped being fun for a lot of kids, amirite?

I know! Kids these days are such wussies because of the way that they're raised and it's so annoying. The point of being a kid is to run all over the place and fall down!

College students: Whenever you hear a longboarder behind you all you think is "shit, don't hit me, shit don't hit me", amirite?

Nah, I think "Ooh I wanna ride!"

Its annoying when your watching a movie and a person repeats a funny quote from the movie when it was just said 2 seconds ago, amirite?

I only voted no because I am that person. Lol