December 25th feels more like a deadline than a holiday, amirite?


People often think of cinnamon as sweet, but it's really the sugar it's often paired with that gives it the sweetness. amirite?

Yeah cinnamon by itself is just woody and bitter tasting.

The scary noises kids hear late at night are probably their parents having sex, amirite?
Bed is the only place where "What an asshole" could be a compliment, amirite?


Someone's weird is someone's hot, amirite?

QT's hot is my weird

Replacing Santa with Satan in your head makes Christmas so much funnier. amirite?

I saw mommy kissing...

Eating chicken is the closest we'll ever come to knowing how dinosaurs tasted. amirite?
Maybe all the natural disasters happening recently is the immune system of the Earth trying to fight back against a disease. amirite?

It's pretty common knowledge that the human species is literally cancer attacking the multicellular organism knows as earth..

It's adorable when animals get slaughtered and eaten but sad when people get killed and eaten, amirite?

No. It's not adorable none of that is. Your disgusting.

If humans are such social creatures why are we all so lonely, amirite?

Because you sit in your basement all day living of welfare

There is no way to disprove that we are living in a simulation. Everything we experience could be "rendered" in as we encounter it. amirite?

There's no way to prove it either.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory could easily be a horror movie, amirite?
@Wait, it's not?

Ah God! I came here to say that exactly. 😂

Language is such a complex skill that gets taken for granted by people who haven't had a stroke. amirite?

Pessimist. They have had a stroke...of luck.

All guys love at least 1 dick, amirite?
@contextrip Gay lifeform detected

Nah it's only gay if i jerk off in front of a mirror while making intense eye contact