Wen you think about it, the voting system in America is pretty unfair for 3rd party candidates running for office.
Everyone who says they hate Mcdonalds because its greasy and disgusting is lying to themselves. No matter how much you WISH you hated it because its so bad for you you still love it...just admit it, everyone knows you're telling bullshit anyway, amirite?

I grew up on Wendy's and only go to Mcdonalds like once a year and I always feel a little sick after

It's cool that the kids movie, ParaNorman, mentioned gay relationships, amirite?
@MyHotHotJam i just looked it up. all i got were conservative websites bitching about it, which pissed me off, but at least i...

It's not till the very end and it's such an insignificant detail that most of the kids didn't even get it. But of course those damn conservatives had to bitch about it :/

Everybody is connected to everybody through interests. If you have nothing in common with this person, they will have something in common with another person, who will have something in common with you. It's sort of amazing how we are all so similar, yet different, amirite?
@Of all the amazing aspects of humanity, this is the one that captivated you? How high were you?

No sir, it's hi, how are you?
But besides that, this is not the only aspect of humanity that captivated me, this is just one of them. Usually the ones that are the most amazing already have posts about them.

@Shadi I'll never tell! witch's cackle

...wha wha what the fuck.... and you thought I was weird for not knowing who freddy krueger was...

Los Angeles is the greatest city in the world, amirite?

Which part? The part with violence and pollution? Or the part that looks really nice, but is full of snobby people hoping to become the next big thing?

You should be offended when your religious friends don't try to convert you. If they don't, they're basically just saying they don't mind if you're eternally damned, amirite?
@YeahIAm Are you from the Pink Unicornian branch you worthless fucking pig? It's an atrocity that you scumbags have the...

Oh no, don't go there! I say we fight a long crusade over this at our sacred place, the Rainbow of Unicornians! Us invisible pink unicornians will obviously win considering there is only ONE of you worthless purple unicornian.

Whenever someone asks what time it is there's always a contest to see who can get there phone out first. am I right?

woah woah woah. You choose to make the amirite? grammatically correct, but use the wrong there?

You're the reason China's winning.

If you kill a kid's parents in front of the kid, then you should really kill the kid also, amirite?

You are so right. Because of what you said, I'm going to correct my mistakes.

iCarly is actually really perverted. They use the term hobknocker and Freddie's apartment number is 8-D, amirite?

"When they want two horses to....DATE.... they put them in the same barn together...and.... turn off the lights...and...."-Carly
"It says here someone saw a beaver and a raccoon "socializing" by a river"-Spencer

Seeing as this site is mostly liberal, I think we can all agree, 100%, that anyone voting for Romney is an idiot, amirite?

He switches sides, cares more about the 1% than the 99%, and is an egotistical douche. His speech at the RNC talked more about his family than what he'd do for this country. He thinks Obama should've fixed 8 years of problems in only 4 years. His plan would cut the revenue 5 trillion dollars.

Religion makes zero sense.

I'm confused by what you mean.

It makes sense that we made religions.

It makes sense that people believe in their religion.

Though, if we were to logically look at religion, it wouldn't make sense.

So if you mean what religions believe in doesn't make sense, then I agree.

If you mean it doesn't make sense that we have religion at all or why people still believe in religion then I disagree.

you wish you could start your life over, but with all the knowledge you currently have. amirite?

Nah, too lazy

It is weird how we take credit for our accomplishments but blame others for our mistakes. Great people in this world do the opposite. amirite?

...Like Harry Potter

It's sad that most people on here are girls, I mean it's not really a girly site. Amirite?

It's because most guys are busy watching porn.