You’ve wondered if people see and taste things different – like, if every person’s tastebuds taste chocolate differently, or when we learn in primary school “this colour is called blue” if we’re all seeing the same colour, or if my blue is different to your blue, amirite?

Yes I've wondered this myself. I was afraid I was just weird or something :/ This could mean that everybody has the same favorite color just no one knows it.

Whenever someone asks what time it is there's always a contest to see who can get there phone out first. am I right?

woah woah woah. You choose to make the amirite? grammatically correct, but use the wrong there?

You're the reason China's winning.

Let's not forget the British word snogging.

I am blonde, thus my hair is "yellow", like the brightest color, like the crayon, which is in a box, so that makes it the brightest crayon in the box, like the saying, so by transitive property blondes are smarter than most people, amirite?

You're a disgrace to all blondes

After you lose something, you come up with a bunch of reasons as to why it was okay to lose it in the first place. Ex. It was old, the color was faded, the paint was chipped, and so on, amirite?

and in your case "it only contained a part of my soul in it. I have 6 more of those anyway"

If you kill a kid's parents in front of the kid, then you should really kill the kid also, amirite?

You are so right. Because of what you said, I'm going to correct my mistakes.

I just googled Freddy Krueger to see who he was........thanks for that near heart attack

Los Angeles is the greatest city in the world, amirite?

Which part? The part with violence and pollution? Or the part that looks really nice, but is full of snobby people hoping to become the next big thing?

iCarly is actually really perverted. They use the term hobknocker and Freddie's apartment number is 8-D, amirite?

"When they want two horses to....DATE.... they put them in the same barn together...and.... turn off the lights...and...."-Carly
"It says here someone saw a beaver and a raccoon "socializing" by a river"-Spencer

The scariest villains are the ones who honestly believe their crimes are justified, amirite?

Oh come on I mean he had it coming, he was just staring at me. If I hadn't killed him then I would've had nightmares of him killing me. You understand right?

a year is a lot for a kid but it is like a month for an adult, amirite?

Like a day for Nicolas Flamel

I put the "pro" in illiterate, amirite?
Police should just lower the drinking age to 16 everywhere because they know everyone who can get their hands on a beer will drink, amirite?

Let's just make a happy median by making the drinking age 18.

Whenever you walk past someone smoking, you purposely cough, amirite?

I naturally do it anyway but I make it more obvious. It's not obnoxious for me to do that, it's obnoxious for them to smoke in a public place. If they have to smoke they can do it in their own house.

You hate it in the morning before you’re wide awake and you say something that comes out all wrong, like when you want to say “mom can you please pass the milk,” but what comes out is “you heartless pig-fucker you ruined my life.” Amirite?