It'd be great if you had a pair of glass slippers (that is unless you're a guy) because they'd never smell funky and if they ever got dingy or dirty you could just toss them in the dish washer, amirite?

Why can't men enjoy a good glass slipper every now and again? THIS IS 2011, PEOPLE.

I'm black.

Loljk I'm actually just pale. On a scale from vampire to valley girl, I'm teenage boy with a video game.

Trent from Daria is the hottest male cartoon character ever, amirite?

Danny Phantom.

Whenever you eat McDonald's, you feel like you might as well be eating trash, amirite?

When I eat McDonalds, all I can think is 'Oh, the shame' over and over again until I'm done.

You might hate Twilight, but you wouldn't pass up a chance to live in a world where everything there existed. amirite?

I'm pretty sure stalkers and abusive boyfriends exist already...

When someone says "inanimate object" the first thing you think of is a toaster, amirite?

To be honest, I have no idea. It may have been a jar or something vaguely jar-like. I don't know, now it's just a goddamn toaster. >:/

You hate when someone says "but, however", amirite?

I hate "over exaggerating".

We all have that friend whose name is perfect for making dozens of different nicknames from, amirite?

In 8th grade, my algebra techer called a kid named Avery "Ovary" by accident. It stuck.

I think it is stupid how you can fail a class in college because you were absent. I mean, what if you got a life-threatening illness which left you in the hospital for the whole marking period? That's like making you fail at life because you almosted died and you can't help getting sick, amirite?

You're probably not failing because you're absent. It's probably more the fact that you think "almosted" is a word.

Before having a second child, make sure your first child is too young to grasp the concepts of sex. This way, it's not awkward for your first child to think about you having sex. amirite?

Youngest child. Telling myself that they haven't had sex since.

Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told regardless of what is right. amirite?

But you could argue that many of our morals come from what we are told. Our society or cultureor even religionoften dictate our sense of right and wrong.

Mine's from this series of books I loved when I was younger... about cats. I really need to change it, but I'm soooo lazy.

you have never actually had one of those giant lollipops, but you really want one, amirite?

My theater troop shared one once. We called it the community lollipop.

TROOOOOLL! I bet you sobbed.

Jellyfish look a lot like Nebulae, amirite?

These pictures are absolutely stunning.