If you're ever intimidated by someone, don't imagine them in their underwear, imagine them running with a back-pack on, amirite?

In their underwear.

When one mature adult has an imaginary friend it is called crazy. When millions of mature adults share the same imaginary friend, it's called religion. amirite?

Who says it's imaginary and who says it's not? You aren't one to decide.

It sucks to live in the shadow of your older brother or sister. Imagine if Jesus Christ had a little brother or sister. How do you live up to THAT? amirite?
People are saying the word "indeed" a lot these days, amirite?
@bluerice indeed

Was gonna inb4 that but looks like I'm about a year late.

Cigarettes are a lot like hamsters, perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire. amirite?

This made my day =D I hope this gets POTD! It deserves it =D

Look again at the homepage, the posts are now diamonds, amirite?
A negative boy was debating the pros and cons of going to a radical party. He decided to be square and missed out on four awesome chicks. But that’s okay, because it was all over by two AM. Amirite?
Santa has run out of coal this year, so all the naughty children will be receiving Nickelback albums, amirite?
@WillAkana No shit Don. My whole point is that simple chords and riffs make NO difference. It all depends on the music...

"It annoys the hell out of me when people try to turn their personal opinion into an ostensible fact."

"They're self-assertive assholes who don't deserve an opinion. And that's not my opinion--that's a fact." No, that's an opinion. You basically just did the exact thing you complained about in your previous statement. Just pointing that out.

I actually agree with you about your main argument, though.

Bruce Lee kick's more ass than Chuck Norris, amirite?

No. The 'more ass' does not belong to the kick, and the sentence "Bruce Lee kick is more ass than Chuck Norris" does not make sense.

Theres nothing worse than sitting on public transport next to someone who you can instantly tell is a heavy smoker. amirite?

OVER 9000?!

Let's play a game to find out about the most liked users on amirite. All you have to do is to list your top 3 favourite users in the comments and from that we'll be able to find out which users are truely the most appreciated of all, amirite?


There's always one name you could never name your child because of a person it reminds you of, amirite?

Amber, Logan, Adam, Cassidy, Cassy, Kelly for me :)

It sucks when you walk into a room, and you can't remember what you went in there for, so then you leave, then a few minutes later you remember that you're a fireman, and a bunch of people just died, amirite?

One of few posts that actually made me lol :D

Cats really do have nine lives,amirite?