A sheep was in the field and it just vanished. How can that be?

The sheep ate a hotpocket.

You can't reason with the religious because religion is unreasonable.
@AtheisticMystic Again, atheism is not an indication of any beliefs. Atheism only means that a person rejects religious belief...

I agree that athiests don't have to belive in evolution, or multi-universes. The majority do however. Some atheists may hold a Descartes view on knowlege I don't know, but the majority does not. Good points though I understand what you are saying.

Surely a good compromise in the guns debate would be to give people wishing to defend themselves a non-lethal weapon like a taser or a gun with rubber bullets, that way they can defend themselves by temporarily incapacitating the enemy until the police arrives and nobody dies in the process. It's just as much a deterrent to criminals without the death.

What if you hunt? I don't but a whole bunch of my friends do.

If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender how would you get out?

Wait for someone to make a smoothie when they do they will see me and they will get me out and be confused and in shock because there are tiny people in there blender.

You can't reason with the religious because religion is unreasonable.
@AtheisticMystic Religion is a belief because there is no logical or rational reason to believe that a deity exists, hence faith...

There are a lot of ideas that atheists cling to faith on for example-multiple universes. There is no good scientific proof of multiple universes, which is the best way to argue against the fine-tune theory.

You can't reason with the religious because religion is unreasonable.
You can't reason with the religious because religion is unreasonable.
@AtheisticMystic Faith is, by definition, unreasonable. If there was any reason to it it wouldn't be faith.

Faith is not the opposite of reason. That is a fedistic type of view. Any well respected theist scholar won't hold that view. It refutes itself and leads to anti-intellectualism wich is a problem in the church today. I an evangelical would admit ro that.

How many of each kind of animal did Moses take on the ark?

As many as jonah took on the ark

All things were created by God and Human wisdom cannot explain everything

Even if you make a case that human wisdom can't solve everything. A theist would noy want to say that God created everything. (Sin, evil) I a theist would argue that as a part of our free will he gave us the ability to creatr objects such as the telephone.

Teachers seem to think the information you can find on the internet is not as good of information as print sources

Well i have a lot of teachers, professors say if it is an internet source it has to be proven to be a good and valid source. ex: internet journals, notable magazines. but sources like podcasts, blogs, Wikipedia are not accepted.

After growing up with 50 states, it would be weird for there to suddenly be 51, amirite?

"fifty one nifty united states" does not have the same ring to it.

Girls: You think guys should stop thinking that what people so loathingly refer to as the “friendzone” is some sort of purgatory women put “nice guys” into. your friendship is not a crappy consolation prize that you’re left with if you deny them a sexual relationship– and your body is not his reward for good behavior. amirite?

A true good guy will see that it isn't going to work out so why should he hurt the girl by constantly trying to win her over. the girl most likely knows that he likes her but doesn't want to see him hurt which is hurting her. guys that think they are in the friend zone- i know there is always exceptions, but be a friend to her by just being a friend do not try to win her.

The reason school encourage reading books is because it increases a students vocabulary. But what a lot of people don't understand is that magazines and movies(etc.)provide the same values, amirite?

Yeah Shakespeare is the same level as "seventeen" magazine (Sarcasm)

Community college is for losers, amirite?

Why anonymous?

Guys: If a girl hits you first, you should be allowed to hit them back without looking like a jerk, amirite?

I think it comes as an issue of shilvary. I personally would never hit a girl. When I was very young I hit my older sister angerly. I was probably 7 then my dad took me to the side and told me to never hit a girl. I asked why and he replied because it is the right thing to do. It was never an issue of equality. It was an issue of RESPECT towards women.