With how much babies scream it is likely that being alive is an acquired taste. amirite?

If they're famous enough: once Google finally dies.

(They have special google thingies for famous people, I think Neuton is the current oldest one on there)

many women plan their weddings around their monthly cycle. amirite?

And it usually backfires because the stress of wedding planning will change the cycle

The person using a lightsaber must have extreme confidence in his/her ability to defend him/herself against a ray gun. amirite?
@TheLucidMan Hence why only force sensetives who are trained to use them.

Just maybe the Force is not with them in choosing a more sensible weapon.

Monkeys and apes are constantly doing handstands, amirite?
@Your mom is constantly doing handstands

Your mom buys you squash to carve on Halloween

Trojan Condoms are named after a people famous for letting one slip through their impregnable barrier. amirite?

Seems like the perfect name to me.. there advertised as 98% effective.

Keeping skeletons in your own closet is a terrible idea. amirite?

How terrible? Asking for a friend.....

You can breathe underwater by putting some plants in your gas tank, amirite?

But for how long until respiration overwhelms photosynthesis?

Never admit that you're an expert at anything. Tell everyone you're an amateur. That way when you fail nobody is disappointed and when you succeed everyone is impressed. amirite?
Some schoolkids around the world look forward to snow days. Aussie schoolkids look forward to Catastrophic Fire Danger days, amirite?

Yippee! Catastrophic fire!

Ringer ringer roses is about the Black Plague, amirite?
We will always live in a society, even if that society only consist of us, amirite?
We will always live in a society, even if that society only consist of us, amirite?
@Ok boomer, calm down this was meant as more of a joke

ok boomer. you dont even know what a joke or a boomer is.

but ill give you a clue: look in the mirror

If a water park gets a huge flood then it would just be a park, amirite?

You mean the other way around right?

Game without microtransaction is becoming rarer and rarer, amirite?

This is common sense