A lamp fell on my face and I swallowed some glass.

Is there a word or phrase that really annoys you?

"Society is so messed up"

What's the smell you like to wake up to in the morning?

Bacon or my moms perfume.

All the time. Mostly because I don't have many friends. That anI do it it to calm myself.

I do it so I can day dream or make a plot for stories.

If you could invent something that currently does not exist, what would it be?

Something that borrows memories from animals.

What are you a big fan of...? And why?

Music, because it speaks to me.

Someone Like You - Adele. At least, that's what my mom liked. I don't know about my dad since he was gone for about 70% of my life.

Have you ever had a dream where you woke up crying? If so, care to explain?

The people I cared about died.

What do you do too much of?

Think and play cod.

Gonna be a witch

It's 6 in the morning...the world is dark. No one's light is on the whole street, further highlighting your aloneness. The whole world is still where you should be: sleeping. How do you give yourself a feeling of comfort at such a moment of doom and gloom?

I would give myself comfort by singing a fun song or think about my problems.


I managed to cough it up.