About me.

I'm Nicole, but I've had the nickname Nika my whole life basically. I'm 16.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York & I've lived in Colorado, & I currently reside in California. I'm fully Russian & fluent. :D

I'm into sports & fitness. I've been training karate since I was about 8. I'm on my schools swimming team. I swim IM & breaststroke. I'm also a captain at my school's co-ed wrestling team. I train for triathlons & I recently did my first century bike ride. It was 105 miles to be exact.

I want to go to a military academy & be a pilot.
:D realllly bad.

I have really dry skin D: I hate it.

I talk. A lot. Seriously, it's kind of bad.

My religion & political views are quite a mystery to me. Politcally, I think I'm a liberitarian. And I've been raised orthodox, but I've kind of developed my own beliefs.

So far, in life I haven't had my 1st romantic kiss & I'm nervous as skdfkjsnd to get it. I've had one boyfriend tho, but obviously that didn't get very far.

For the most part, I'm a pretty open person & I tend to speak my mind.

A song that describes me is Break Away by Carrie Underwood. That's because I have been through a lot of personal problems in my life & I really wanna be a pilot.

Charlie Sheen inspires me.

I've been compared to Sid a lot.

I wish I joined ballet when I was young. I was super lanky & flexible, so I would of been perfect. I regret that now.

I want to travel a lot.

I want to have kids when I'm at least 28.

Crocs are cool. (-.-)/

I'm always very, very happy. & I get excited waaay to easily. I like that about me though. I laugh waaay to much though, but I don't think that's a bad thing really.

If you can't make me laugh, you're a lame loser. Seriously, anything can make me laugh.

So yeah.

If you know a good joke, tell me it. :D I love jokes, even if they're cheesy. I'll tell you a joke back.

( . Y . )