The parking lot (and often the actual resturaunt) at Texas Roadhouse is usually full when you drive by, amirite?
periods are made out to be much more unbearable than they actually are, amirite?

A guy probably wrote this.

Every one has that one person in a book who they want to bitch slap, amirite?

Exhibit B: Every character in Twilight

Amirite should have an annual awards ceremony where posts are nominated and voted for in categories such as "Most Hilarious," "Most Successful Trolling," "Most Insightful," etc. It would be like the Amirite equivalent of a grammy. amirite?

kind of like a Dundy?

You'd be pretty pissed if somebody actually tried to pay you in gum after working all day, amirite?

Only if it was something other than New Trident Layers!

Americans and Canadians should stop arguing. We're all North American, amirite?

Well Americans are still better, because it's North AMERICA, not North CANADA...

You're so much cooler online. amirite?

Brad Paisley is the bomb!

If you ever had a light saber spoon when you were little, You were a cool kid. The toys in cereal boxes are no where near as cool as they used to be, amirite?

i totally had not one...but TWO of those! BEST. SPOONS. EVER.

now im starting to sound like MLIA...forgive me :/

When we were younger, the number of life strong bracelets we had determined our coolness. amirite?


how come there's a "Middle East" and no "Middle west"?! amirite?
When zombies take over the world, everyone should go to Costco. It has thick concrete walls, years worth of supplies, and the zombies can't get in unless they have a membership card. amirite?

i showed this to my mom. she said, "that's cute".

You feel so unappreciated when you throw a pair of socks in the wash and they decide to elope, never to be seen or heard from again, amirite?
On half days, your teachers either give you no homework because they "don't want to waste your half day" or they give you an obscure amount of homework because we "have more time to do it", amirite?
@schwimmen obscene?

you took the word rite out of my mouth

It's sad that nowadays, if someone says "may I court you?" then you'd probably laugh, thinking it's a joke. What happened to chivalry, am I right?
Every great city is built around a river or on the beach, amirite?

or a railroad track...duh