About me.

When I'm addressing a group of people, I usually say friends instead of people or guys.
So, hello, friends!
I like to talk to complete strangers better than I like to talk to people I kinda know.
Dance for me is like swimming for sharks: I have to do it to keep living.
I can sing all vocal parts from tenor to first soprano.
If I get in an argument, I will keep going until the other person leaves.
Despite this, all my teachers seem to like me.
Maybe it's because AP teachers are more willing to argue than other teachers.
I'm a feminist.
I like books.
I love starting projects but I have a serious issue finishing them.
I don't judge people because I have a huge fear of being judged.
I like chorus roles in musical theater better than main ones.
I can play the oboe, the clarinet, and the ukulele, and although I can't play them all at once yet, I'm working on it.
I'm a Nerdfighter.
And a Cumberbitch.
But I try not to be too obnoxious about it.

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